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What Is The Best Flooring For Indoor Bubble Soccer

By Paige Cerulli Created: October, 2022 - Modified: January, 2024

Bubble soccer, also called knockerball, has quickly become the ultimate party game. Humans get inside giant inflatable balls, adding unusual challenges and plenty of entertainment to every game.

Bubble soccer has also grown into a popular sport, with leagues and tournaments popping up across the country. Whether you’re looking to create a facility to house your own team or plan to host parties and events, it’s important to start with the right flooring.

Qualities to Look for in Bubble Soccer Flooring

An indoor facility is ideal for bubble soccer, since you can create a controlled environment and eliminate items like rocks that could puncture the bubbles. Choosing the right flooring will help to make game play safer and more enjoyable.

playing bubble soccer outdoors

Shock Absorption

It’s important to choose a flooring that offers some shock absorption. That absorption can help to reduce the impact that players, whether they’re kids or adults, sustain, making the game safer and more comfortable.

Shock absorption can reduce the impact that players’ joints receive during a game. With that reduced impact, players will be able to enjoy longer games and are more likely to visit your venue more often.


Traction is also important for your flooring. Think about the types of shoes that your players are most likely to wear, and look for a product that helps to maximize traction for those shoe types.

A floor that offers adequate traction can help to prevent slips and falls, contributing to athlete safety. It should offer enough traction to allow athletes to stop suddenly, spin, and run.


Your soccer field will see plenty of use, especially if you will be hosting tournaments and competitions. Choosing a flooring product that can withstand that type of use can maximize your investment.

Look for a product that is designed for commercial use and that can sustain significant foot traffic. You may also want to consider the maintenance that the product needs.

Ease of Installation

Choosing a product that you can install yourself can save you both money and time. A permanent installation may be ideal if you know that you will use the court specifically for bubble soccer and other comparable sports.

If you think the space might need to serve for multiple uses, then consider a modular flooring that you can remove in the future if needed, which will preserve the space’s versatility.


It’s also important to choose a product that fits within your budget. Installing the flooring yourself can help to save money and keep costs down.

Top Bubble Soccer Flooring Products to Consider

At Greatmats, we offer several flooring products that are ideal for your indoor bubble soccer field.

Sports Turf

Nearly any of our sports turf products are ideal for bubble soccer. Sports turf gives you the look and feel of real turf but without any of the upkeep.

Sports Turf

As you shop for sports turf, you can choose from different pile heights. Many products come with a cushioned backing, eliminating the need for an infill while giving the turf extra shock absorption and a natural feel.

Artificial turf provides plenty of traction when paired with sneakers and even soccer cleats, so it can help to prevent falls while giving the players the agility they need. If a fall does occur, the turf provides a more comfortable, safer surface to fall on.

Best of all, turf is available in not only the traditional green, but in many other vivid colors, like blue and yellow. You can choose colors that reflect your business or team’s branding for a unique, personalized look.

Basketball Court Tile Gym Floor Pro

The Basketball Court TIle Gym Floor Pro is another excellent choice. These tiles give you the look of a genuine hardwood basketball court, but at a fraction of the cost.

Sport Court Tile Gym Floor Pro

The tiles are highly durable, and they’re resistant to both scuffs and stains. They feature a 0.5 mm wear layer and are backed by a five-year limited warranty, so they can withstand significant play time.

You can even paint lines on the tiles, creating your own court. They are easy to install, thanks to their snap-together installation, so you can save money on installation costs.

Consider pairing these tiles with an underlayment to add shock absorption and cushion for increased comfort and safety. Border pieces are available for a clean, finished installation.

Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll

The Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll is a highly durable flooring choice that’s often used for basketball courts. It features a protective wear layer to make it extra tough, and it’s backed by a 10-year limited warranty.

Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll

This flooring offers excellent shock and sound absorption, thanks to the base layer. That padded layer can help to reduce the shock that athletes’ joints sustain while making the flooring extra quiet underfoot, perfect for those big games or tournaments.

The flooring is fade-resistant, and it’s available in multiple finish options so you can choose the look that you want for your facility. You can paint court lines onto the surface, and maintenance is as simple as vacuuming or sweeping the court as needed.