Ballet Video Training Tips with Ballet Co. Laboratory

By Greatmats Staff Created: January, 2021 - Modified: October, 2021

Longtime Minnesota artistic director and founder of Ballet Co. Laboratory Zoe Emilie Henrot offers 12 great tips on how to improve your ballet techniques in this video tutorials.

Ballet Training Series - What to expect.

1. How to Ballon

2. How to Grand Jete

3. How to Pointe

4. Bravura in Ballet

5. How to Fouette

6. How to Plie

7. How to Pirouette

8. How to Stretch for Splits

9. Proper Alignment

10. How to do Port De Bras

11. How to Strengthen Your Turnout

12. How to Arabesque

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Zoe Emilie Henrot
Ballet Co. Laboratory
St. Paul MN 55107