Introducing UltimatePet Artificial Truf

By Greatmats Staff Created: March, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

Artificial Grass Maintenance and Versatility Top

Our UltimatePet artificial turf is an excellent option to install that gives your pets a fun and clean place to exercise and play on. It ensures that you will have fresh looking green grass all the time.

UltimatePet is a turf that is designed to last with active use in most all climates. This amazing turf provides superior drainage, 10 times faster drainage than any comparable product. This turf is 100% permeable and is non absorbent. These features help eliminate the strong odors and bacteria that can come along any areas pets may use.

You can count on this artificial turf for your pets, this turf is designed to be shred proof with unmatched durability and drainage. This synthetic grass measures 1 5/8 inch thick and simulates a natural lawn.

The engineering we've used for our artificial grass for kennels ensures that your pet can use the turf over and over without wearing it down. And you no longer will have to worry about dogs tracking mud into your home when they come back inside from playing!

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