Aerobic Flooring for Dance Fitness: Jazzercise Cherry Hill Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: March, 2018 - Modified: October, 2022

After five years of running a satellite Jazzercise business out of a dance studio, educator Lisa Silver had built a strong network of contacts within the Jazzercise community. So when she decided to open a permanent location of her own in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, in October of 2017, it was only natural for her to reach out for advice from other franchisees when it came to flooring that could handle high impact dance as well as strength work.

''In order to have longevity and keep doing this we wanted to have a really nice aerobic flooring,'' Silver said.

Aware that many Jazzercise studios across the country have recommended Greatmats pro aerobic flooring Silver wasn't too surprised when speaking to a woman out of Maryland who was raving about Greatmats 1-inch thick karate mats.

''This particular owner kind of swayed me to check out the karate mat because it is a little bit thicker and has even more give for impact,'' Silver said.
So she contacted Greatmats and, after examining several free samples, she decided the karate flooring was the way to go.

''It serves a great purpose with dancing and (clients) have raved about their knees feeling really good,'' she said.

Silver says she has clients of all ages and even as someone in her 30s with a dance background, she's noticed a positive difference in her knees.

''We do a lot of plyometrics - a lot of dance with jump work - so everybody has always said it's nice to have a little give when you're doing lunges, when you're doing plies, when you're doing work across the floor,'' Silver said. ''Jazzercise combines my love of education and fitness. We don't just dance. We do strength training. We have yoga fusion. We have personal training and the floor suits all of those needs. You can be barefoot on this floor and have a nice yoga class and not have to even need a mat.''

In addition to the feel and performance of the flooring, Greatmats karate mats also gave Silver the color and design options she was looking for.

''My studio's not huge,'' she said. ''It's about 1,400 square feet, so I wanted something lighter and brighter. We went with really white bright walls, and I liked the gray flooring. But I also love that it's reversible so if I wanted to switch it out, I could turn it over and have black.''

Another major bonus to the Greatmats flooring was the installation process and cleaning.

''I love the ease of the install because I was starting my business on a budget,'' Sliver said, noting that she didn't have to pay for the installation because she was able to have a friend come over and help lay down the quick and easy puzzle-style pieces. ''We ended up going right over the existing (concrete) subfloor that was in there. ... It cleans really easily. I mop it once a week with pine sol and water.''

''It's been wonderful and very well received by my customers!''

Lisa Silver
Jazzercise Cherry Hill Fitness Studio
Cherry Hill NJ 08003