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If you're looking for tough, durable mats for industrial applications, are sure to fit the bill. These interconnecting rubber mats are specifically made to meet the varying demands of industrial settings. With features including grease resistance and anti-fatigue benefits, these mats are an excellent way to create a safer, more enjoyable workspace for your employees.

Why 24/7 Industrial Mats Are Unique

When you're investing in industrial flooring, there's no one-size-fits-all. Depending on your job, your factory or warehouse, and the materials that you use every day, you need flooring that can withstand different challenges while keeping your workers safe. That's why 24/7 mats are a great choice, whether you're looking for a grease resistant mat, and anti-fatigue mat, or a mat that can withstand the harshest cutting fluids.

Rather than purchasing a general rubber industrial mat, 24/7 mats allow you to choose a mat made out of three different types of rubber, tailored to meet specific demands. These three different types of rubber offer specific properties useful in various industrial applications.
  1. The CFR mats are designed for use in dry, wet, or oily workstations. They are resistant to cutting fluids, mineral oil, silicone-based brake fluid, boric acid, and ethylene glycol.
  2. The GR mats are designed for use in areas with water or dry debris. They are grease resistant.
  3. The NBR mats are designed for use in wet or slippery workstations. They are resistant to petroleum-based fluids, animal fats, brake fluid, chlorine solution, diesel oil, hydraulic oil, salt water, and vegetable oil.

By choosing the appropriate type of rubber for your industrial application, you can rest assured that the flooring product you are using will withstand the types of materials and agents present in your workspace.

The Benefits of 24/Seven Industrial Mats

When it comes to grease resistant mats and fatigue relief mats for industrial use, 24/Seven mats are at the top of their game. A quick glance of the benefits these mats offer reveals just why:
  1. Extremely durable and tough mats are designed specifically for industrial use
  2. Choose from 3 different types of rubber to ensure the mat can meet the demands of your specific industrial application
  3. Fatigue-relief features ensure a more comfortable workplace for employees, improving employee performance at the same time
  4. Interlocking design creates a singular surface that won't pull apart
  5. Conveniently sized mats are easy to handle, move, and install
  6. Choose from solid or perforated mat designs, according to your intended use
  7. Easy maintenance cuts down on the time that you'll spend cleaning
  8. 1-year limited warranty means you can invest in these mats with confidence

If you're looking for a quality industrial mat for use in your factory or workplace, a 24/7 mat might be the perfect solution for your needs.

24/7 Industrial Mats Features

All 24/7 mats offer the following features:
  1. More Than 50% Recycled Rubber Material: You can feel good about buying 24/7 mats. The mats are made up of more than 50% recycled rubber material, meaning there's less rubber going into landfills. These mats are a good way to 'go green' in your warehouse or workspace.
  2. Hidden Interlocks: These mats feature hidden interlocks that make for easy and secure installation. The mats can easily be locked together and will not separate unless you intentionally pull them apart. There's no adhesive required for installation, and you can lock multiple mats together for a larger, singular surface.
  3. Fatigue Relief: If you're looking for fatigue relief mats, 24/Seven mats are an excellent choice. This ergonomic matting improves workers' performance while fighting fatigue. The anti-fatigue cushioned support mat creates a more comfortable workspace, which can improve employee morale and overall health.
  4. Overall Thickness of 5/8 Inch: With a thickness of 5/8 inch, these mats are thick enough to be quality fatigue relief mats, while are thin enough to be installed in nearly any setting without requiring modifications to your space. They are highly durable and are built to last in even the most high-traffic, demanding industrial environment.
  5. 3x3-Foot Tile Size: These tiles are conveniently sized for easy transportation and installation. The 3x3-foot size is large enough to quickly cover workstations and other workplace areas, but they are still small enough so that they can be moved without difficulty.
  6. Gritshield Upgrade: If you want to truly maximize the traction in your facility, consider one of the tile options with Gritshield. This gritted surface helps to maximize traction, even in wet areas, to reduce the chances of slips and falls.

Additionally, you can select the right mat for any industrial application by choosing from the three different rubber compounds: CFR, GR, and NBR.

We've outlined the various styles of 23/7 Industrial Mats below to help you get started.

24/Seven GR Mats

The 24/Seven GR (Grease Resistant mats) are intended for use with water or dry debris. They are resistant to:
  1. Grease
  2. Boric acid
  3. Ethylene glycol

These grease resistant mats are available in both perforated and solid designs. Opt for the perforated design if you intend to use the mat in wet areas. The solid design is suitable for use in dry work areas.

24/Seven CRF Mats

The 24/Seven CRF (Cutting Fluid Resistant) mats are resistant to mineral oil-based fluids. These mats resist:
    Cutting fluids
  1. Mineral oil
  2. Silicone-based brake fluid
  3. Boric acid
  4. Ethylene glycol

CRF mats are available in both perforated and solid designs. The perforated design is suitable if the mat is to be used in wet areas, while the solid design is preferable for use in dry work spaces.

24/Seven NBR Mats

The 24/Seven NBR (Nitrile Rubber) mats are resistant to petroleum-based fluids, and are designed for dry, wet, or oily areas. They stand up to all of the fluids resisted by the GR and CFR formulations, as well as:
  1. Animal fats
  2. Brake fluid
  3. Chlorine solution
  4. Diesel oil
  5. Petroleum-based hydraulic oil
  6. Salt water
  7. Vegetable oil

The NBR mats are the most resistant mats in the 24/Seven family. They are available in both perforated and solid designs. Choose the perforated design if you'll be installing the mats in wet work spaces. The solid design is ideal for use in dry areas.

Choosing the Right Industrial Mats for Your Needs

24/Seven Industrial Mats are designed to withstand the tough, harsh environments that shorten the lifespans of other mats. Issues such as grease, cutting fluid, and chlorine solution are no problem for these mats.

As you explore the 24/Seven Industrial Mats, you'll need to choose the right rubber compound for your warehouse or workspace. You will also choose between perforated and solid mats, and might want to consider the Gritshield feature to maximize traction.

If you have questions about the option that's right for your use, please contact our Flooring Experts. We are always happy to help you find the perfect flooring solution.


Maintaining these fatigue relief mats is easy. For the best results, clean your mats regularly.
Start by sweeping the mat. For mats designed for wet areas, you can use a high-pressure hose not exceeding 500 psi. Use the hose and hot water to remove oils from the mats, then use a mild detergent and warm water to clean the mats.

Do not use steam, degreasers, or caustic chemicals. Avoid machine washing or mechanically scrubbing the mats.


24/Seven mats ship in cartons via ground service to your door for your convenience. Larger orders may ship via freight delivery. For more detailed shipping information about your order, please contact our Flooring Experts.

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