Sport Karate Brings Senty Family Closer Together

By Brett Hart Created: March, 2020

Fourteen-year-old Evan Senty has already been training in sport karate for nine years. Under the direction of Mike Welch of Infinity Martial Arts in Middleton, Wisconsin, Evan is a second degree black belt and recently won two championships at the Greatmats-sponsored Wisconsin Sport Karate League’s Conquer Cup on Feb. 16, 2020 in Green Bay.

Evan won the 13-14 year old black belt creative/extreme forms division as well as was the musical forms title and placed fourth in the creative/extreme weapons competition - which happens to be his favorite event.

While it was nice to see his hard work pay off, it wasn’t the titles that got him excited about competing at the event. It was being around his friends in his division.

As a martial artist, Evan says his favorite part is “learning new skills and having fun with friends.”

His primary weapon is the bo, and this year, he’s expanded his skill set and friendships as part of a sync weapons team using kamas. He’s also proud to have earned a spot on the renowned Team Infinity Demo.

Evan’s training is by no means limited to his time at his academy, as he’s covered his entire bedroom with Greatmats martial arts mats where he and his younger brother, Nicholas, age 11, are able to workout together.

The boys’ parents, Paul and Christine, said she enrolled their sons in martial arts as a way to let them burn energy while learning important life skills.

“I had no idea that karate was so much more than just physical skill,” Christine added.

“Karate is something we do as a family, and it’s fun,” Nicholas said. “We always try to do or see something fun in the cities where tournaments are held.”

Nicholas Senty

Nicholas, a first degree black belt under Joseph Bein at Infinity Martial Arts, has been training in sport karate for six years.

He’s put a lot of time and effort into growing as a competitor, which was evident at The Conquer Cup where he competed in four events - including three events in the 11-12 year old black belt division and one event in a division for black belts of all ages.

His top finish came in the creative/extreme weapons competition where he placed third. He was also fifth in team forms which was open to black belt of all ages and genders.

He too says spending time with his friends is the best part of being a martial artist, particularly competing alongside his best friend, Cougar, in team sync weapons.

Among his biggest accomplishments as a martial artist to date is earning his black belt last summer, winning an underbelt weapons grand championship at a WSKL tournament and tying Jackson Rudolph and Jake Presley in team sync weapons at a 6A NASKA tournament.

Christine Senty

Christine says her family’s experience in karate has not only sharpened her kids physical skills and knowledge of how to protect themselves, but “They’ve gained respect, good manners, positive sportsmanship, confidence, ways to handle anxiety and nerves, and how to be a good corporate citizen.”

As for the Conquer Cup, she was excited to try a new venue with competitors they hadn’t seen before.

“It was especially fun to see everyone again and see the new forms they’ve been working on,” Christine said. “Connecting with other families and friends is always fun!”

In fact, she's had so much fun with martial arts that she began her own journey a few years ago and will test for her black belt in June 2020.

“It has been a wonderful learning and bonding experience to do this with my boys,” Christine said.

Christine, Evan, Nicholas Senty
Infinity Martial Arts
Middleton WI 53562
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