When Should You Use Sticky Floor Mats On A Construction Site?

By Lisa Hobbie Created: June, 2021 - Modified: June, 2021

Sticky floor mats are often used on construction sites to prevent from tracking dirty or muddy shoes over new flooring surfaces like carpet or hardwood. They are also a great accessory for areas in the process of mold, lead paint or asbestos abatement as a way to help control the spread of the substances.

A construction job site can be kept much cleaner and free of unwanted dirt and debris if the use of sticky floor mats is employed. Greatmats offers the best site sticky floor mats, with the following 5 being among the most popular:
  1. TackyMat 18x36 Inches - 120 Sheets - Roughly $92 per carton - delivering 4.5 square feet of coverage
  2. Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mat 18 x 36 inches - Roughly $120 and providing 4.5 square feet of coverage
  3. TackyMat 24x36 Inches - 120 Sheets - Roughly $122 per carton and offering 6 square feet of coverage
  4. TackyMat 36x46 Inches - 120 Sheets - Roughly $244 per carton and offering 11.5 square feet of coverage
  5. TackyMat 18x46 Inches - 120 Sheets - Roughly $102 per carton and offering 5.75 square feet of coverage

TackyMat Sheets

TackyMat 24x36 Inches - 120 Sheets
The TackyMat Product is offered in 4 different sizes - TackyMat 18x36 Inches - 120 Sheets, TackyMat 24x36 Inches - 120 Sheets, TackyMat 36x46 Inches - 120 Sheets, and TackyMat 18x46 Inches - 120 Sheets. It’s a made in the USA product that does a superior job removing gunk from the bottom surface of footwear.

These TackyMat sheets deliver anti-slip traction in an antimicrobial service. Not only do they work well on construction sites, they are also perfect for clinics, operating rooms, laboratories, hospitals, food service facilities, and industrial facilities.

These sticky floor mats come in cases of 4 pads which each have 30 peel-off sheets. Each sheet delivers 4.5 square feet of coverage to 11 square feet of coverage - depending on the size you get. They have a thickness of less than 2mm.

These tacky mats come without a tray, which is only needed when each sheet will not be used in a single location, like on job sites where contractors use a few sheets before moving to a new work site.

Tac-Mat Contamination Mats

Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles 2x2 FtThe Tac-Mat Contamination Control Dry Mat is an 18x36 inch option that works hard to remove particles, dust, dirt, and contaminates from shoes or wheeled equipment - on a construction site or anywhere in the home or business.

These mats are constructed from thin layers of adhesive topped with polyethylene plastic film. The water based adhesive is resistant to adhesive transfer.

These pads each come with 30 peel-off sheets and 4 pads in each case. You can either just use one pad at a time or you can use many of them next to each other for large spaces. They provide an adhesive backing which secures the pads to the floor.

Using sticky floor mats at a construction site prevents dirt, impurities, and contaminants from entering into a space requiring absolute dust and dirt control. They can be installed on a clean, dry surface, and they work best when they are placed vertically to a door with the tab away from the traffic to ensure both people's feet will tap the mat when they step up to it.
  1. Place it on the floor and adhere it. After taking off the bottom layer, put the mat - tacky side down - against the end of the doorway, and then slowly press it onto the floor. Rub your hand across it back and forth while applying steady pressure. This will remove air bubbles and guarantee a smooth install.
  2. Take the top protective film off. Locate the tab and peel back the first layer by rolling it up and into a ball to reduce static.
  3. Use the mat. Make sure both feet hit it when people enter the room or space. Once about 50 passes have been made, change the mat layers.

Greatmats - For The Best Sticky Floor Mats for Construction Sites

Regardless of which sticky or tacky floor mat product you choose, you will be satisfied with the top notch quality and affordable pricing of both brands featured here.

If you have questions about these products or need help deciding which one to use for your job site, you can reach out to the customer service staff at Greatmats who are ready and willing to help and assist. They will go to work for you and help you make a decision that will be the best for your work site. No matter which one you purchase, you just can’t go wrong when you buy from Greatmats.