Does Artificial Turf Get Hot - V Max Artificial Grass Turf 34 Inch with 5mm Pad Test

09-09 - 2022

Whether used for sports, playground or pet areas, artificial turf is growing in popularity. One concern, however, is how hot artificial turf gets in the sun. For that reason we tested several of our synthetic grass products after they were left in the direct sunshine for just over 4 hours. In this video we'll show you the results of the test on green V Max turf that is 3/4 inch thick and includes 5 mm of padding.
At the time of taking an infrared thermometer reading on the V Max turf the outdoor temperature was 81 degrees (in West Central Wisconsin) and there was a slight breeze. The turf registered at max temperature of 124.1 degrees.
Keep in mind this is an unofficial test and results may vary depending on climate conditions. If turf gets too hot to walk on, it can be cooled using a variety of methods including spraying down with water or creating shade over the turf.
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