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Transition Free Carpet and Modular Tiles

Date Published: 01-20 - 2017

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Greatmats offers a unique line of modular tiles that allow you to easily transition from one room to the next or even create a specially designed floor within itself. Transition from an athletic court to a garage to a family room or hallway with the tap of a foot - or mix the tiles for a unique kids playroom floor.

Greatmats offer four styles of 1x1 foot modular tile with the same raised click base design.
Carpet Tile Home Click Base
Court Floor Tile Flat Top
Garage Floor Tile Coin
Garage Floor Tile Diamond

Installation is simple over any hard, flat surface. No tools are necessary for floating or island installations. For custom installations where cutting is required, you’ll want a tape measure, pen (or marker), straight edge and power saw.

Begin your installation in a corner, placing one tile down with its loop side facing out. Work your way out evenly in both directions from the corner, filling in the center along the way and keep each tile facing in the same direction.

Click the tab connectors into the loops of the already laid tiles to secure the tiles together, using any combination of these tiles you desire.

For wall-to-wall installations, you can cut the tiles to fit using a power saw.

Home ClickBase Carpet Tiles are available in Gray or Tan. Flat Top Court Floor Tiles are offered in black, light gray, blue and red. Both the Garage Floor Diamond and Garage Floor Coin have eight color options, including yellow, orange and metallic colors.

Carpet tiles not recommended for use in Garage floor setting or with vehicles.

Enjoy your new Greatmats modular flooring!

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