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Tire Obstacles for Horses with Jesse Krier - Greatmats Horse Training Series

Date Published: 01-07 - 2022

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So this is one of the biggest obstacles we’ve got and it’s kind of an impressive one. But to get them stepping up onto the tires - we did the tire earlier. Now we’re going to go up onto these other tires and she has yet to step up on this top tire.

And so we’re going to ask her to do so. But first we’re just going to introduce her by just stepping across these smaller ones. Something less invasive. She’s done this already.

Kind of a little lead up to stepping on the big tires. Pay attention and get your body over here. Stepping across here, using these tires to kind of funnel her body into it. It really works well too. She’s done that a few times now.

So that’s the big lead up to the big tire.

Stepping on it this way is a little different story - isn’t it girl? Keep her between our reins. Pushing her up to the obstacle. She’s showing interest. Looking at it. Looking for any grass she can find. A little more encouragement.

Just another step is all it is girl.

Step. All four.

Look at you. You can see so much more up here, can’t you?

She’s relaxed. That’s good.

Stepping down. Forward movement.

Do we want to do it again to sink it in stone? What do you think, girl? One more time?

Paused on her own. Look at that! I didn’t even have to stop her.

So there’s more going on here than standing up on a tire. Those tires are giving, and they’re spongy feeling. When you watch other horses, or as you guys can see, that sponginess is not a sure footing for them underneath their feet. So it’s a big step for them to be able to do this.

Ok. Let’s step down.

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