Customer Reviews for: Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch 4x10 Ft Black

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Willing to work with special orders, prompt and polite service.


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The roll had a big cut at one end and my wife was not happy. I almost sent it back.

Allan Radawitz

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Great product! I was looking for a non-slip, strong surface for my workout area. So many of the tiles and mats that you can buy are too soft, or would move around during certain moves (burpees, lunges, etc.) These mats are really heavy-duty, stay in place, and have held up flawlessly to my cardio and weight workouts. Highly, highly recommend!

David Walker

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Just got the mats and Im really impressed with the quality. Shipping is fast and the price is outstanding. I am using them for flooring for a shed and they are perfect.

John Quack

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I spent quite a bit of time searching the Internet looking for longer mats (than standard pickup bed length) to fit a van. When I was able to find them, they were ridiculously expensive with very few choices. Then I found greatmats and the search was over. I bookmarked the site, and intend to be a repeat customer. VERY happy with my purchase.

Greg Galpin

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Great mat for what I needed it for

Random dude

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Good product and service.


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I love my mats they are great. They were the perfect size for my room. The only thing I wish I knew was how to keep them clean. There is a lot of dust here in El Paso and I put foot prints on them every time I walk in the room. How do I keep it clean? I added a floor mat in the entryway to wipe your feet but it doesn't do much good.


El Paso, TX

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Price might be right but they will pass all the blame on to the sipping company. And their customer service representatives will be extremely nice and tell you what you want to hear. Or just say "Im sorry there is nothing I can do for you."


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The product was perfect. I did quite a bit of research and contacted other companies, searching for a solution for our cat shelter. We needed a product to line the tops of our cat cages -- one that was durable enough so that the cats paws wouldn't get trapped in the cages and of a material that could be easily cleaned. Further, since the tops of our cages are a favorite nap space for our cats and kittens, it needed to be comfortable. The 1/4'' rubber matting was ideal. And Joanne, was so helpful, aiding us in finding an affordable option for our not-for-profit organizations. GreatMats product and service was far and above what I expected. Other companies weren't even willing to help me find a solution. I got the sense Joanne cares about your customers and provides the same warm and helpful service to everyone. Thank you so much.


Long Beach, NY

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Product arrived on time and was exactly what I expected. The rubber mats were awesome and already installed in our baseball dugout. The customer service (Angie) was very professional and helpful. It was refreshing to deal with this company. Thanks for everything.

Richard Osborn

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The rubber mat was exactly what I expected. Purchase & delivery were fast and easy (once someone returned my call). Availability in smaller sizes would be my request as we only needed 31" x 8. What does one do with all the excess?!

Shannon, Lone Jack, MO

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Great Item. My husband owns a deli and we have a van with no back seats in order to deliver and pick up food and we put this rubber flooring down. It is easy to clean just needed a little cutting to do the entire car and looks great. Best money spent on the car for this roll. It works great.


Easton, CT

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We have a van that we use for our deli. Just front seats in it and we put the rubber mat for the entire rest of the car. Easy to order, came on time and easy to install. Good first experience with this company.

Patricia Cirillo

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got great help on the phone to navigate the products, mats arrived quickly and look/work great


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Great mats did everything they said they would, very good experience dealing with them. Very happy.

Daniel Rella

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Fit perfectly on the floor of my SUV Heavy enough Not hard to install and cut to fit.

Gilbert R


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The rubber appears as advertised, cut easily with a razor knife and square and glued well with the glue recommended (LockTite PL Premium). I am pleased with this product will order more shortly.

Robert E

Twin Falls, ID

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I was unsure what kind of matting I needed for my project. Sales staff walked me through the options. Product shipped promptly. Product appears to be just what I was looking for. I would order from Greatmats again.

Robert R Harper

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