Customer Reviews for: Carpet Tiles Modular Squares 3/4 Inch x 1x1 Ft.

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No damage or design flaws, easy to install, looks great


Chanhassen, MN

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Absolutely love our Greatmats! Turned a much underutilized portion of our basement into an amazing place for family and friends to gather. Installation was extremely easy. I used a standard table saw to cut and trim the pieces without any issues. We've received multiple compliments on the entire project, especially on the Greatmats. I highly recommend Greatmats for anyone looking to create an exceptional living space.


Sterling, IL

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I'm not finished with my project yet, but I have found it easy to install. I'm about 3/4 done and it looks great. My Kids are impressed..Will be ordering my last shipment soon.


Merrick, NY

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I love this product. It was easy to install myself with the use of a table saw. You could rent one but with the cash I saved after watching a few u tube videos, I rewarded myself with the purchase of a new one. I started in the corner and worked my way down the room. I placed a 1,000 pound gun safe on it with no issues of dipping or dimpling. I dropped in some floor board trim on the edges and cut the tricky corners and closet pieces etc. with the saw and soon it was done after a few hours. I occasionally used a mallet to tap in but mostly snapped in and stepped on it as I reached for the next square. Great product, great company with great service. I am a real customer with real pictures from my basement and I say this product is a pleasure to work with and it seems very strong and should last a very long time.


Templeton, MA

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I love the carpet tiles. They are extremely easy to lay down, and fit tightly. Having done plastic tiles in a garage years ago and finding it to be difficult, this was literally “a snap”! The customer service was also top notch. Thanks.


Monterey, CA

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Great product. Easy to install and looks great.


Sappington, MO

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After only a couple weeks of installing I am disappointed that almost half of my tiles are starting to peel up on the edges. At $1800 to “finish” this room I expected them to last.


Chambersburg, PA

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Easy to install. Happy to buy local WI products


Port washington, WI

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Easy to use. Works great.


Lovettsville, VA

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They were super easy to install and thus far we love the product. The ugly news is that I was advised to order an extra 5%. We never opened that extra 5% and so I returned them. To my shock, they charged an ABSURD 40% restocking fee. 40% for restocking some boxes! Not an ethical practice. By comparison, we just bought a large sectional for the same basement and that company only charged a 10% restocking fee for furniture.



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These things are the best thing since indoor plumbing. I can't say enuf good things about the company and product!!!!



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They were very helpful and prompt in answering my questions before I made my purchase.


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I really like these squares, placed in a basement media room after 2 inches of rain had filled the room. I thought the squares were bigger, but that is because I did not read the description carefully, which clearly says 12x12. They lay down and cut like a dream. My only advice....we put these on a concrete floor. It became apparent VERY QUICKLY, that they make a tremendous amount of noise when walking on them when placed on concrete. So we pulled up (had not done the whole room) and laid down styrofoam underflooring. (Comes in big rolls from Menards or Home Depot). That worked PERFECTLY. Know also that the floor ceiling height will decrease by about half inch, not usually a big deal. Colors are great. Customer service was great. Very happy with this purchase.


Verona, WI

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From the initial inquiry, to the flooring itself after installation, every part of this order was great. Customer service was excellent (thank you, Beth!) and installation was incredibly easy -- probably the easiest part of the whole job, they just snap into place. The tiles cut clean on the table saw, and rolling heavy cabinets off and on the floor has not caused any problems, even on the side ramps. I can not recommend Greatmats enough. Thank you!


Lancaster, PA

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Floor installation doesn't come any easier than this. Like Lego its just snaps together. Mine was a basement installation where there are times a little water comes in through the walls but with the carpet elevated on these plastic tiles there are no worries. I have looked for years for a solution to this problem and this is the ticket. The only problem with these tiles is there is a slight noise when you walk on them but this is a combination of a unlevel floor and the hollow space under the tile which magnifies the sound. We are looking into a throw rug to baffle the sound. Additionally if there is flooding you can remove the tiles wash them and return them back into service, how cool is that. Your sales rep Joanne was a great help and went out of her way to help me with the purchase. The tiles are made of excellent materials and once you get the installation technique down the installation is very fast. The only slow portion of the installation is the trim pieces which I cut using my table saw and a coping saw. Now that I have one bedroom done I will be purchasing more for the other rooms.


Beavercreek Township, OH

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Product arrived quickly Install was a breeze Edges/corners cut easy with standard table saw Looks great



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Hard to believe it was so easy to install. Even the pieces we cut to fit doorways worked well.



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This floor was so easy to install it was hard to believe. Our family and neighbors who have seen it thought we had it installed for us. Hard to believe we did it ourselves. Looks great.

Steven Wells

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So far they seem to work great. Quick installation, and pretty easy to cut to size where needed.

Vanessa Lucas

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I order a rather large order of the great mats tiles which Im so happy I waited for!! They didnt have enough in stock so we offered a refund but decided to wait for the full order. It was taking longer than anticipated but to no fault of the company and the president of the company David was in constant contact with us to keep us updated. The only reason why I cant give 5 stars is because of how long it took to get the mats but they are a great product and a very accommodating company.

Nicole Mittel