Customer Reviews for: EZ Portable Dance Floor

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The floor is exactly what we wanted, the material quality is great, easy to install, it is exactly what I wanted, and customer service is fantastic. Highly recommend


Osage Beach, MO

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Great product and very easy to assemble. I am using these panels as a base for a fit pole, which is basically a large tension rod, on top of a concrete foundation in my garage. The tiles are so sturdy, there is no buckling or bending where the pole is pushing upon the panels. I also like that there is airflow under the tiles to allow for evaporation of any outdoor condensation or humidity. Highly recommend and I might also expand the floor in the future as I add on to my home gym. I did have to order half of the ramps from Home Depot because there were not in stock on the site, but it was really easy to find another vendor of this product.


South Orange, NJ

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The tiles work great! The snapping tabs are little stiff the first few times for setting up and if you ''break them in'' by pushing in the tabs, it becomes even more quick to setup with less effort. It has high endurance, is good for high use, and also continual setups and teardowns. Its easy to store. It has worked with everything I could throw at it! With it also having such tight seamlines between the tiles, that I couldn't even fit my unboxing knifes edge between them when assembled. For the uses I've so done far, like breakdance, or gliding footwork ( Like the moon walk ), I have no complaints of snagging or taking damage. Although for those considering its foot use, I'm working in slip-off shoes(Yeah, I'm weird). I did find that setting up on a level surface, and one that doesn't sink or is spongy helps, being that the tiles can pop apart from a persons weight. ( Loose ground like woodchips, I had to eventually place sheets of wooden 2x2s, and offset the tiles by 6in diagonally; so that the tile seams lines didn't line up with the panel seams lines below. ) Posting a few pictures of only 16 (out of 100) during an early setup trial using a thing wooden sheet, for both showcasing the 1x1ft size, and its wide versatility in possible deployments. (Taken during late spring 2020 for) Greatmats was quite helpful in reaching out to me over the order (My Color was out of stock), and due to my number being unable to receive any calls (The automated marketing spam has been terrible), they were very flexible and reached out to me over email. Defiantly becoming a repeat customer.



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Tiles fit snugly, a rubber mallet makes quick work of joining them. The border ramp pieces are a tad off and took more work to get in place


Norwalk, IA

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Love my mini tap dance floor


Milton, MA

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We installed it over the carpet in the basement as apart of exercise equipment for Zumba and Latin dancing. It was easy to install but we had to use a hard support below to join them (like a metal plate) as the carpet was cushioning the blow. Anyway it was not a big issue. We chose a size of 8x 8 and was enough for our needs. Overall we were extremely pleased with the product.


Ottawa, ON

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Super excited for my new portable dance floor tiles from @greatmats!! They are sturdy, yet provide some give for jumping. Daisy loves the tiles too! I was struggling dancing on my carpet at home, as I am still recovering from an achilles tendon injury. This will now help a ton! Thank you, GreatMats!


Modesto, CA

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I love that I can always add on tiles or reconfigure it if we need more space or it needs to be moved. But most of all I love seeing my daughter enjoy dance again.


Sammamish, WA

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I love my great mats product - I bought it to work out on and my daughter uses it for her dance classes that are held virtually now. The pieces do sometimes separate from each other and I haven’t figured out why they do that.


Seven Hills, OH

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We love our new dance floor!! 😍 Thank you @greatmats!!


Boca Raton, FL

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Works very good, I can make all the tap noise and practice my shuffles all day long.


Sacramento, CA

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I love the customer service at great mats. They were very helpful and one small piece was damaged it was fast and easy to get a solution and new piece. The floor is beautiful and went together easily. I have already recommended great mats to others


Grand Portage, MN

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Beautiful dance floor, very good quality. I will definitely buy from Greatmats again.


St Cloud, FL

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The dance floor looks great and seems to be quite durable. We will be adding more to it later!

Windsor Place

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It was a little hard getting it to snap together over carpet, but we did it. Now using it to practice my clogging steps and I love it.

Leslie Robinson

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Excellent customer services. I order portable dance floor, very nice. I will use Greatmats again. Thank you

Vashti Saunders

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Overall, I had a fairly standard buying experience. The online purchasing experience was without incident. My order arrived in a timely manner and it was accurate. I made a mistake in my ordering (a miscalculation on my end) and needed to return my order. This is where my experience began to go downhill... I contact customer support for guidance related to my return. I was told that 1) I have to pay the shipping fee AND, 2) I am subjected to a 20% restocking fee! I take no issue with the shipping fee--I mean, this isnt Amazon Prime (which clearly I should have used)--but to charge a "restocking" fee feels like nickel and diming the customer. Buyer beware! FULLY READ THE RETURN POLICY before purchasing from Greatmats! There are many more details than is typical for online purchasing! The "restocking" fee is over the top, unnecessary, and disappointing.

Vanessa Fewell

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Awesome dance floor material..

Brian Morosco

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I purchased the portable dance floor 1 x 1 tiles for a home dance studio/exercise room and this flooring was exactly what I needed. It looks great and is easy to put together. I will be buying from this company again.