Customer Reviews for: Portable Horse Stall Mats

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Customer service quickly answered a question I had before ordering. Mats arrived in a timely manner and were well packaged. They seem to be well made and sturdy. I am using them for a feeding station but I think they would work better if they were in a stall where they were evenly laid and touching all walls.


East Windsor, NJ

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Five Stars for horse stall at show


Liberty, MO

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Very happy with this product. I needed mats for horse trailer that could be made to fit the oversize with for my Clydesdales, yet can be easily removed. The horses like it and so do I.


Saint Joseph, IL

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I bought my first set of 16 (8x8 feet) stall mats for our older horse to use when we travel to places that have asphalt (or concrete!) stall floors. They were so easy to transport/wash and worked so well I bought 2 more sets for our other horses. I have since found I can get away with just 9 mats per horse (6x6) in a pinch. I have used my mats whenever we compete anywhere that doesnt have dirt stalls (sometimes for a whole week). The only wear is that they are discolored from urine. I have also found I save $$$ on shavings, since I can use a LOT fewer shavings when I have the mats down. This latest set of mats I actually bought to use in my office -- I know if these mats can stand up to shod horse feet, that my office chair rolling back and forth is not going to make a dent.

Barbary Coast Ranch

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I am satisfied with the product, however I used the 4 mats I ordered to create a 4' x 4' feeding station for my horse. He likes to look around while he chews and ends up with food all around his feed pan. I didn't like him eating the fallen food from the dirt. These have worked perfectly. So, while I can't attest to the product as a stall mat I can say that they have held up very well out in the weather for the past month and have been easy to clean and move. Customer service was great - I had several questions and each was answered promptly. Shipment arrived on time and in perfect condition.


Charlotte, NC

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Products were explained and shipped on time...very happy

David Nicholls

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Got my mats today, for Will I Miniatures. This little one is 19in tall and has been eating sand. Thank you so much. Easy to use and very lightweight. Put together with ease !


Tonopah, AZ

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Love the portable stall mats! They are lightweight, yet durable. Will be buying more!


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These mats are Great! Finally got to use them at a horse show at Michigan State University. The mats were easy to carry and arrange them in the stall. I had extra so my daughter used the extra in the backroom so she could change and not be on the cold concrete floor. The BEST part was packing up to go home. They were easy to pick up and pack in the horse trailer! I got to watch others rolling up their very heavy mats. These are great!


Ionia, MI

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Fast shipping. I love the lightness of the mats. We will try them for the horse next weekend.

Dolores Midkiff-Powell

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I bought these to add some cushion in my horse trailer. I love them. Light weight but sturdy.


Ticonderoga, NY

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I was so excited to receive my mats. It took us a little while to get them put together and in place in my (horse) wash area. To my disappointment before the day was over the edges were curling up. The flooring is cement so its very obvious that the mats do not lay flat. Not a good look. I have pics. Very disappointed!

Holly Hill Farm

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Love these mats! Light weight and sturdy.

Michelle Welch

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I bought these mats to travel to horse shows. First trip was to the Kentucky Horse Park and these mats were perfect! KHP has asphalt stall floors, so portable mats are essential. The mats are lightweight, easy to handle, installed quickly in just a few minutes. My yearling loved them. Easy to break down, spray off, and throw back in the trailer at the end of the show. Highly recommended and a great price!!


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Perfect for horse show stalls. Lightweight, Durable and easy to put together. The only thing we were disappointed about is that we didn't buy these sooner!


Appleton, WI

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I really love the Portable Horse Stall Mats to lay down in my outdoor dog run. They are easy to install, no special knowledge or tools, no special ground prep. They provide weed control and keep dirt off my dog's feet so she doesn't track dirt into the house. They last quite a long time, too. The ones I put down for my previous dog a few years back are still going strong.


Salem, OR

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This stuff is great! Stands up to the horses walking, standing and pawing, always returns to its original shape, easy to cut, easy to install, and reasonable to look at. However it is a bit expensive, but definitely worth it if hauling horses. Thanks Great Mats! In the picture there are shavings on top of the mats, but it gives the general idea.


houston, tx