Customer Reviews for: Sundance Horse Stall Mat Kit Black 3/4 Inch x 12x12 Ft.

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Love the solid floor without noticeable seams



Customer Rating: 5 Stars


Excellent customer service and prices. The mats are top notch!

Bonnie Holt

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


The mats are heavy but once you get them in and cut to fit theyre amazing! Surface must be level. High quality. Delivered fast and as promised. Would recommend to a friend.

Kimberly Price

Customer Rating: 5 Stars


These mats work great. Very comfortable for the horses. Also, very strong and durable. We've had them installed for about 2 months now, and they're working great. Excellent product.



Customer Rating: 2 Stars


The products are listed as 12x12 and they are not. They are 11 ft 6 inches x 11 ft 10 inches. Be prepared for extensive leveling of the stall before you can install these mats. The ground must be perfectly flat for them to work. They are very nice once installed.


Lexington, VA

Customer Rating: 4 Stars


These mats are heavy (~100 lbs per each 4 X 6 piece) duty. It takes two relatively strong people to handle and place them. Use gloves - they can abrade bare skin sometimes. They interlock well although it takes some effort to get them together - a hammer was the ticket. We used a carbide blade on a 7" circular saw to trim out notches in corners around the 6X6s and on one end for which the stall was not plum. The surface is just irregular enough by design to keep them from being slippery when wet. They are not 12 X 12 - more like 118" X 118". They are working well after a week of use and the horses get good support without stressing hooves. We have a 5" base of crushed limestone under them that elevates them slightly over the paddock level. This allows easy clean up using the power hose. I would purchase them again. We picked ours up at a warehouse ~35 miles from us and saved the shipping costs - they were very helpful and loaded our truck for us when we got there. They were informative and friendly. I enjoyed doing business with them.

Christopher Harrison