Customer Reviews for: StayLock Tile Orange Peel Colors

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Great product i bought more and my new home gym loks great


Limon, CO

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Love my StayLock tiles! They were so easy to install and it makes a perfect flooring for my aerobics exercise! BUT -- what I liked most was the customer service! I spoke to several sales people and they were all very accommodating and eager to please. Thank you Great Mats! I would definitely recommend their product!

Sue Ellen

Cocoa, FL

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JoAnn is always there to help and the product is exactly as advertised. Thanks again! Jerry Ferrell


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JoAnn was wonderful and so helpful! A couple of the squares seem slightly warped, but I think they will probably flatten out, especially with me jumping on them when I do aerobics


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Great mats for my home gym installed over carpeted floor. Easy installation I wish I would've bought the borders with the mats as shipping is $$ but otherwise a great product so far.


Great falls , MT

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I looked for a home gym set of tiles that would handle both weights and aerobic work with some impact. Greatmats has a great selection, but needed several calls to the company to find just the right tiles for my needs, including the ability to install myself. Service help was excellent; when I described my first choices and needs, Customer Service recommended the Staylock orange peel tile instead of a rubber mat under Maxtile. My partner and I installed an 18 ft by 12 ft room in one day onto a a hard tile floor, including cutting odd-shaped tiles to fit the end of the room. The next day, I jumped on the tiles and felt plenty of give to protect my aging joints, and I can easily see they will withstand the use of weights. I also wanted quick delivery since we needed to install in our new house while it is under renovation before we move in - and they delivered!!! I fully recommend the service and tiles. Thank you.


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Order number: 1528011 I bought these mats after I got frustrated with the mats I had bought to cover my carpeted floor kept coming apart. The Greatmats product was easy to install and has held up great so far to my workout equipment and my bootcamp style workout! Thank you!!


Colorado Springs, CO

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Well made product. Easy to install. Exactly as advertised. Great over carpet. Goid cushioning. Highly recommend.


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I had a positive experience overall and very satisfied with my purchase. Was it a flawless transaction? No- placing the order was unnecessarily complicated. Would I purchase from them again? Probably yes. Would I recommend them? Probably yes.

Jeff Barwick

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Much more flexible than anticipated. I was a expecting a more seamless layout, not a solid floor, but definitely more seamless. The lines of the tiles are quite noticeable and flexibility between the lines does occur. But overall they do protect the floor area.


Lake Worth, FL

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Configured properly, easy set up. Good product


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Tiles are too flexible to place upon carpeting. The marketing material is misleading.

Andrew Kolb

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I ordered these in order to build a home gym. I have plush carpet that I do not want to remove and was looking for something to put over it instead. The orange peel tiles work great. They hold up to jumping, weights, etc. Highly recommend for anyone looking to build a home gym, but wanting to save the carpet.


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Great Product! Works well in our home.

Do Co

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mats were great. used them for a home gym in a basement and they are perfect. they allow moisture to drain out under them and they will not separate under stress from exercise activity. they went in very easily and I was done installing in a 400 sq ft area in less than two hours. I would spend the extra buck or two per sq ft to get these mats, no question.

Michael Porter

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I bought this because it seemed the best option on top of our thick carpets. It works well for P90X style workouts. It stays in place, provides a firm surface, and while its only been installed about a month, it seems durable. A few carpet strands peak through the seams between the tiles, so this could be a better product if it was a little thicker. Also, you need a yoga mat or another padded surface to do exercises that require being on your knees and elbows because the surface is a little hard. Overall, this is a good product.

Derek Smashey

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Ordering was easy over the phone. Greatmats helpful folks assisted with the product selection and my application requirements, providing accurate advice and product description. The mat looks great for my exercise area and is far superior to the rubber surface it replaces.


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Mats perform as expected. Delivered on time.

Mark McCune

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We are more than happy with our Greatmats StayLock tiles. They were fairly easy to install. (had to get the hang of cutting them for edges and things) We like the look and they are comfortable to walk on. I like the fact that if I decide I want to change out the design, I can just pull the desired tiles and re-install in whatever pattern I like. We have a collection of pinball machines and we have noticed that they do not slide easy on the new tile...(in the past we were able to use furniture sliders to move them but even with furniture sliders the pins don't ''slide'' on these tiles) We also have some home gym machines and these tiles work well for free weights, benches and an elliptical.


Batavia, OH

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Im using these over new carpet in my weight room. The carpet is very thick but the mats are working quite well over the top. They dont move or come apart while Im lifting or running on my treadmill.