Customer Reviews for: AlturnaMats Ground Protection Mats 4x8 ft Black

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I use a track loader primarily on my mats - a dump trailer and different things that I cross over manicured yards. When I get into some of these driveways where they have the stone, cobblestones and stuff like that, I put the smooth side down when I cross them, so the diamond’s not digging into it. I build a driveway and work on top of them now. That makes my cleanup so much easier. When my 14,000-pound track loader got stuck in the marsh, I stuck a couple of the mats underneath the tracks, and I lifted the tracks up with my forestry mower, which weighs like 3,000-4,000 pounds. I was able to get traction up out of there and then I put a couple more mats in front of that, and I pulled myself out of there with nobody pulling me. I was able to get out of there because of the mats. One of the biggest things is the cleanup afterwords because you’re not sitting there having to rake all of that area that got debris dropped down on it.I like everything about it. I pull the mats up and the yard looks just like when I got there. These mats are something I never thought of before. Now when I look at a job, I can get to it because of these mats. I wouldn’t go without them now.


Glouchster, VA

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Great product



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very good company to work with.


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Eric was great Very Happy with my Great Mats will order more at a later date A+ on sales, delivery,and Erics Help

Smoot Dogg

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These mats are not really mats, theyre more like heavy duty plastic sheets. They are so heavy that 2 guys can barely carry them. I just bought six of them and I have no use for them now because theyre too heavy to use. I was told by a representative that these were easy to maneuver, they are not at all easy to move. Extremely disappointed!


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Great customer service and attempt to correct a problem quickly

Kristian Nuckles

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the staff at greatmats was very helpful. i gave them a 3 rating due to the delay in receiving my order.

Valiant Energy Service

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good service good delivery time line

Stevens Hardware

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Better than plywood very durable!



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Good service and a great product used as a protective device for soft landscapes.

James H

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Still leaves ruts in the grass. No possibility for return even if unused.



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Nice product

James D Sickles

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These mats work nicely for what we need them for. I would definitely purchase them again.



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Great Customer service. We are pleased with our purchase.

John P.

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Better than plywood ! durable ...

Michael Smith Jr

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We bought 3 of these to place under our forklift when it traveled over our limestone driveway. The forklift would frequently bog down in the soft gravel. These mats are the perfect solution. They are easily moved and placed with two people or one strong person. We will probably order more for next years harvest season.


Kaplan, LA

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If only I could work with more people like Ryan Noll at Greatmats. He didnt just make my experience good, he picked up the ball when I dropped it. I had an absolutely positive experience.


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We ordered 3 4x8 mats to use under our forklift over soft ground. These mats arrived in a timely fashion. They are tough yet not extremely heavy. They were fairly priced. Good product!

Simon Citrus Farm

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we always used plywood for the past 12 years we saw these and bought them for a very fair price you would not believe how good they work saves so much time great product keep up the good work

west side oil

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I have used these mats two weeks now. If your a contractor and rains got you down...These Mats are Worth the Investment!! I purchased them bc we have had record rains in Oklahoma this spring, making my jobs sites inaccessible. So far I have had trucks dropping off 40k lb excavators, loaded down ten wheel dump trucks, steel track machines, etc. over them and they take it like a champ. I layed them down in straight mud and they spread apart, so I bought the links. Problem fixed. Also a cheap Hay Hook from your local feed store makes it a lot easier for one guy to move around.


Norman, OK