Customer Reviews for: Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/2 Inch 10% Color Geneva Per SF

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The rubber floor worked great. Sales was easy. Shipping was timely.


Colorado Springs, CO

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It’s great a product. Easy to cut.


Pickerington, OH

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We like the rubber flooring, especially what we have here with the blue specs in it because it went along with the blue logo model that we were going for,. My partner and I installed it ourselves. It was very easy to install and overall, the cleaning aspect is very simple. We just vacuum with a normal vacuum and mop with a normal mop and it cleans up really well. It really is a great mat!

Dominic J

Minneaplois, MN

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Lake Mills, IA

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Great product! Exactly what I was looking for!


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Fast and friendly service! Fast shipping! I had a lot of questions when ordering this product for my customer and my CSR was more than helpful!

Fastenal rep

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GreatMats was so great and easy to deal with. If your in the market for Rubber Flooring. I would go no where else other than GreatMats!

Jim Shank

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I told/emailed the GreatMats rep. 3 times that I needed delivery to another location, when my order was processed, it was still shipping to me not my customer. Had to redo order, rather then the rep. accepting a loss on the amount charged for shipping. Shipping company used by GreatMats then took over 3 weeks longer to deliver product then was quoted to me. Very disappointing experience that has my customer upset. GreatMats did reach out to me to try and help the situation. Nothing they could do by then, but at least they cared enough to try. The shipping company getting my order stuck was the biggest disappointment in this situation.


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Very happy with the Mats. Just finished the installation of the floor last night. Carpenters still need to cover the support posts but the flooring is done and ready for delivery of gym equipment later this week! I haven't even taped the sections down but couldn't be happier. A lot easier than I had anticipated.

Robert H

Millford, NH

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Having a basement renovation which is due to be completed in 10 days. Divided a portion of the basement into an in-home gym. Was looking at different options for gym flooring. Someone had recommended I purchase 4 x 6 rubber horse mats. Had found GreatMats on-line and called them to place an order for horse mats instead of ordering through Amazon. Boy, am I glad I called GreatMats. They told me the rubber smell given off with horse mats would make the basement smell intolerable. They instead recommended a gym floor that came in 48" wide rolls. Each roll was cut at my requested length of 20 per roll. Each roll weighed about 150 lbs. Flooring was actually very easy to lay down and cut. GreatMats recommended to use carpet tape to keep the cut sections together. I opted to lay and cut the floor first before applying carpet tape. I have yet to apply the carpet tape and not sure if I even need to as the seams are tight due to the overall weight of the sections. Great product!

Rob from New Hampshire

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Helpful customer service. Got me the right product. Delivery on time.

Shawn F.

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Good customer service and follow up

Gerald Peterson

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First rate customer service. Answered all my questions with chat feature before I made my purchase. I went with 1/2'' thick rolls with red flakes in it for a basement gym. Very happy with the purchase. The rubber looks nice, lays nice, and is durable. It's a little tricky cutting irregular shapes in the rubber to fit around poles in the basement as it crumbles a bit. Be careful with a utility knife. I almost took my finger off. The mat I bought is fairly hard, and appropriate for heavy weights and equipment. I'm looking into plyometric materials as well for aerobics and box jumping. Check out gainzlifefit on Instagram as some of the latest videos show the flooring.


Inverness, IL

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Great product! Exactly what I needed.


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Nice product. Excellent customer support. The 1/2" rubber with red flakes looks great. Its a little harder than I expected but does the job in a basement gym with heavy weights, benches, and equipment. Cutting to size is fairly easy unless you try cutting circles or irregular shapes as the rubber can tear and crumbles a little. Looking into some plyometric material as well for aerobic and jumping exercises.


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School weight room flooring installation


Jasper, AL

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Great product and great service!

Jake Ruf

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Quality products and reasonable prices. Great customer service from Ryan and fast delivery. Highly recommend.

JA Blackmore Construction

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# 1 great product # 2 great service # 3 they simply live to all your expectations

Barry Raymond

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Good product, very informative and functional Web site, positive interaction via e-mail with a helpful customer service rep, quick production/delivery of a non-stocked item. Only issue -- was told we would have 24-hour notice of residential delivery time and only got 2-3 hours heads-up. Didnt get that message in a timely way, so delivery couldnt be made and had to wait 3-4 more days to reschedule delivery appointment.

Douglas N.