Customer Reviews for: TileFlex Floor Tile

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Excellent as usual, great product.


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I would and have recommended Greatmats to people. Customer service people was awesome and so very friendly and helpful. Ordering was a breeze! Arrived quickly and in excellent condition. Installation was easy and loved to see the blocks slip into place as we hammered them in....great fit!


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Love these tiles! Best tiles for old basement floors!


Wilmington, MA

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Easy to install and very nice looking. Goes over uneven floor. Easy to cut. I love these tiles!!!

Katherine A.

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Excellent product - very easy to install! Used over uneven basement floor and love it!

Katherine A.

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TileFlex Floor Tiles and borders; received samples and large delivery quickly, with discount for quantity


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The tile was very easy to put down. I put down a vapor barrier first to help quiet my foot steps and help lower any moisture. The tile looks very good. My wife was impressed. A happy wife is a happy life! Joann at Greatmats help me with the ordering and set up the shipping which went very smoothly. If I ever need more I will order from Greatmats.



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These tiles are soooo easy to put together. They are good to walk on and look great. Highly recommend.

George Degregorio

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A local company semi-finished part of our basement. I liked the plastic interlocking tiles they used for the floors and wanted more to do the rest of the basement. I did a search and found the exact same tiles at Greatmats! I was very pleased with the prompt shipping and excellent packaging. And the tiles themselves are amazing (Flex Tiles)...they will turn your slightly uneven, damp concrete basement floors into attractive, usable space! Just a note...we ordered the Light Parquet two different times and there is a slight color variation between the two batches, so try to order all of the tiles you need at once.

Stephanie Nelson

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Already recommended to others

Mike G

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Looks good but have not had the opportunity to put the tile down in the laundry yet.


Silver Spring, MD

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Great floors!!! We re-did our basement with these floors and they are the best thing we ever could have done. They look and feel great the only thing is that we didn't put anything under the tiles as advised to minimize the noise and they are a little loud nothing too much thou. Def recommend these tiles worth every penny!!!


New York, NY

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Fantastic product. Easy to install, great appearance. High utility value.


Scarborough, ON

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This is a wonderful product. Great for basements (as it "breathes"), easy to install. Our church had the parsonage basement rehabbed. The contractor pointed out that the basement floor was terribly uneven. It even sloped upwards in the southeast corner. It would be nearly impossible to level. He came up with Tile Flex. The only thing I know now (and this is not a problem with Tile Flex) is that the concrete should have been thoroughly cleaned and sealed before the Tile Flex was laid. The current pastor's husband complains of it being dusty. That dust seems to be from the concrete underneath the Tile Flex. Now, my first hand knowledge of the product was rehabbing a half bath adjacent to the earlier project. Having it done on the original contract would have put us way over budget. 5 years later I did the project, ordered the matching Tile Flex: it was easy to order, sales personnel and e-mail contact was great! Product was extremely easy to install. Measure twice, cut once. keep track of which way the tabs run.


North Reading, MA

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Overall, I am very pleased with my floor tile and it looks great in my basement. My floor is cracked and uneven, but the tile is flexible enough to cover these flaws with no problem. Although it was fairly easy to install, more detailed installation instructions would have been helpful as I had to learn as I went along. Thus, I would like to offer some installation tips that I learned along the way. 1) Use a rubber mallet (covered with a lint-free cloth to prevent marring) to pound the male tabs into place, 2) Do not rush, as the male tabs break off easily if not started properly, 3) Tap each tile after installation to keep them snug and square 4) The tiles may be cut easily with a fine tooth saw or utility knife, 5) A wood file works well for removing burrs along cut edges and for detailing a curved cut, 5) Use caution when moving furniture as the tile scuffs & scratches easily.


Palatine, IL

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Tiles ordered were received in a timely fashion and the tiles were easy to install. Room took only a few hours to do with the help of our six year old grandson. He enjoyed the light hammering that it took to fit the tiles together. Great looking floor.


South Windsor, CT

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Great product. I installed it myself - 540 square feet. It took about 2 full days to install. I cut the tiles with a small jigsaw. I feel a lot better knowing my kids are less likely to get hurt falling on these tiles versus ceramic tiles.


Hillsborough, NJ

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Excellent service and timely delivery. Tiles look very durable and installation was very easy.


Pittsburgh, PA

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I installed 500 sq. ft. of your flooring this spring, the best and easiest of any floor I have ever installed. If I ever have replace any other floor in my home , it will be with your product. thank you Bob Skinner Newport VT.


Newport, VT

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Worked great in my small home gym space. I installed directly on top of the concrete and there is a bit of a hollow sound when you walk but for me it is not a big deal.


Bow, WA