Customer Reviews for: Outdoor Court Tile XT3

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I placed an order on a Sunday. The next day I received a call informing me of a back order. I chose to purchase another tile available. I was told shipping would take place very shortly, and then nothing for a week. I checked the tracking order, no activity. Wrote a mail and received an immediate apology. The order was on its way, actually about to arrive at my door, and it did, the next day. It was a clerical error. I understood but it created a bit of an issue withe the work schedule at my end. I highly recommend this company because despite they were prompt to contact me to inform me of the back order and apologized for not updating the shipping website.

Daniele Tinsman

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Very easy to assemble. Great consistency between 400+ tiles I put together. Color is perfectly consistent. Only time will tell on durability and whether the 1/2 inch thickness is better/worse than 5/8 or 3/4 inch thick competitors. Traction is great for basketball and the ball bounces true.


Middleton, WI

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I'm happy with the product


Annandale, VA

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Jim Schott was the greatest. He took the time to find out what I needed checked on colors we were not sure of,called me back several times on color and product.when we got the right color took my order and received order in no time..And the size of my order was only 6 pieces of tile. Great job by Jim. RATING 12.Rich

Richard Podeyn