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Greatmats is Open and Operational to Serve You
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Safety Gymnastic Mats 6x12 ft x 4 inch $606.12
Greatmats offers 6x12 ft safety mats for gymnastics in a wide variety of sizes. Safety gymnastic mats are great for training and perfecting new skills.
Safety Gymnastic Mats Bi-Fold 6x12 ft x 12 inch $1,405.07
Greatmats safety gymnastic mats can fold up for easy storage. Customize your safety mat to match your cheerleading or school team colors.
Safety Gymnastic Mats Single Fold 5x10 ft x 4 inch $461.70
  2 reviews
Greatmats safety gymnastic mats are great for preschool and beginner classes as well as competitive gymnastics and cheerleading teams.
Safety Gymnastic Mats Bi-Fold 5x10 ft x 12 inch $1,015.71
Our 12'' Thick Safety Gymnastic Mats are just what your athletes needs to add that extra little support to training and perfecting a new skill.

Customer Reviews For cork laminate gym at Greatmats:

Safety Gymnastic Mats Single Fold 5x10 ft x 4 inch

Great service, product and follow up.

VIP Kidz

Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles

We love the mats. They are perfect for our indoor playground. We had wanted to buy the green ones but...


Tampa, FL

Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/16 Inch

With the cushion and traction that we've got with this floor, I think we made a great decision. The appearance...


Balsam Lake, WI

Indoor Playground Flooring Tiles$30.96
  3 reviews
Indoor playground flooring is available as interlocking foam tiles. Use these 4 ft fall rated foam tiles for indoor playground floor mats.
Foam Roll 6x42 Ft x 5/8 Inch$232.82
  1 review
Sports foam flooring rolls are available in 6x42 Ft x 5/8 inch polyethylene foam rolls. Use for gymnastic, martial arts & special events. Talk to live support, or buy now.
Inclines Wedge Mats All Sizes$164.79
Find a complete offering of incline wedge gymnastic mats available in custom colors. Use incline wedge mats for gymnastic training skill development.
Life Floor Slate Tiles 3/16 Inch$51.98
  1 review
Find pool deck floor tiles that are comfortable, UV stable and slip resistant. Life Floor Slate 3/16 inch pool deck tiles for outdoor swimming pools.

Most Common Product Questions For cork laminate gym at Greatmats:

can you install heavy indoor playground equipment on this foam tile


any issues with people wearing shoes on this and scuffing or causing problems for the product?


Can this product be glued down if we are concerned about corners coming up over time? What glue would we use?


Can these be laid over carpet?


Have these been tested for formamide levels, or other VOCs?


How do these tiles do in extreme heat? We are in LV and it hits triple digits all summer long.


I want to put this is my basement, but I'm afraid my pets will go down there and use the mats as a restroom. How hard are they to clean/sanitize if they have accidents on the mats?


If installing on a concrete floor in the basement, do I need to put down a vapor barrier?

Tap Dance Floor Portable 4x4 Ft Kit$139.89
Tap dance floor 4x4 ft kit is available in modular tiles for easy assembly. Use this tap dance flooring option for home and professional tap floor applications.