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Benefits of Luxury Vinyl Tile LVT

There are countless potential uses for LVT flooring, such as:
  1. Living rooms
  2. Kitchens
  3. Basements
  4. Entryways
  5. Schools
  6. Businesses

These are perfect wherever seeking a luxurious, eye catching finish that is both durable and economical, such as for vinyl basement flooring.

Ask these questions to aide in finding the perfect product.

  1. Where will they be installed with regard to foot traffic?
  2. Will this be a DIY job?
  3. What type of a finish is desired?

About Burke LVT Flooring Pros and Cons

This company is well-known for producing trustworthy models. These are available in multiple finishes, ensuring just the look that’s wanted. Extremely durable and low maintenance, these are an excellent investment. Additionally, they are an economical choice. Install these at a savings compared to similar models.

These can actually make the building healthier and safer. These incorporate Nano Silver anti-bacterial technology to make the facility safer from bacteria, staph, E. coli, viruses like rhinovirus, and molds.

The tiny particles of Nano Silver are added into them, making for antimicrobial protection. The silver particles inhibit the growth of bacteria.

These are found in:
  1. Rustic wood
  2. Solid colors

Burke LBT flooring is designed to be installed with a glue down method, paired with a quality underlayment. Our detailed installation instructions specify the particular adhesives to be used.

Most of these that we offer are designed for using adhesive. Installations are permanent. Please note the importance of using a proper underlay with these.

Some of the advantages are: 

  1. Helps to stop the spread of disease
  2. Saves time and energy on upkeep
  3. Unbeatable 10- and 25-year warranties
  4. Choose from a variety of popular finishes to get just the right look

Peel and Stick Vinyl Tile

As an alternative to the adhesive types of installs, our peel and stick vinyl flooring works nicely. They are easy to install and can be laid on any hard, flat surface. These feature a peel and stick vinyl floor tile backing, so no additional adhesives are required.

If looking for quick layout, then consider these, which have a sticky backing. Pull away the protective seal and attach them.

These are very resistant to moisture. In fact, they will not expand like laminate does when exposed to moisture. These feature a wear resistant surface, giving them excellent durability and ensuring they continue to look great. They're easy to clean too. Just damp mop them with a common household floor cleaner.

Pick from these finish options:
  1. Cherry
  2. Light oak
  3. Dark oak
  4. Wood planks
  5. Maple planks
  6. Slate
  7. Walnut plank

Underlayment Options

Subfloor imperfections will show through this thin style more readily. Therefore, it's important to invest in well built underlayments and to make sure that the subfloor is level and free of holes or other imperfections before putting them down. We stock a variety of appropriate underlayments.

Ours are a popular option for home, dormitory, apartment, and business applications. Our rubber and cork underlayments help to hide minor subfloor defects, yielding a smooth surface on which to lay it out. The underlayment provides thermal comfort so that they feel warmer underfoot and also helps to improve the overall comfort of the floors.

Thicker underlays can be installed over the majority of existing hard surfaces, but they can also be placed over moderately cracked or damaged subfloors without requiring taking the time to patch them. This helps at rental properties, greatly saving time.

Ordering LVT Tiles

Give our experts a call with questions. We can provide samples and detailed shipping information.

 LVT flooring product is sold in cartons for convenience. Smaller orders ship via ground service to the door, while larger orders may ship with freight delivery. Please review our shipping disclaimer.

At Greatmats, we want customers to be happy with the shopping experience. That's why we offer a price match guarantee, and we operate our business with the Golden Rule model: Treat others as you want others to treat you.

Because we ensure that our customers are satisfied with every order, we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Buy from us with confidence, knowing that satisfaction is our priority.

Feel good about buying from us. We give back to the community by donating 5 percent of our annual profits to local non-profit organizations.

For questions about these products, a price quote, or a sample, please contact our customer service team at 877-822-6622. We would be delighted to help choose the right model.

FAQ LVT Flooring Q&A

What is LVT flooring?
LVT tile is short for luxury vinyl tile flooring. There are a number of reasons to select LVT luxury vinyl tiles, including:
  1. Receive products resembling luxurious hardwood or stone natural materials at a fraction of the cost
  2. Easier maintenance than real wood or stone
  3. Simple installation and can even be a DIY project
  4. Replace a single damaged piece, rather than having to replace the entire floor
  5. Durable wear layer that’s made for high traffic areas

Is LVT flooring better than laminate or tiles?
Commercial luxury vinyl flooring creates a design that resembles actual hardwoods, stones, or ceramic tile and plank looks. Laminates are inexpensive, but they consist of fiberboard bases that may absorb a bit of moisture.

Is LVT flooring good?
Yes. Installations are easy, and these are backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty. Advantages include:
  1. Install requires no extra adhesive
  2. These will not expand in dampness
  3. Receive the exact style that’s desired
  4. Durability

How long does a commercial LVT flooring installation last?
These are some of the best that money can buy. They come with long warranties. This is a high end product that makes an excellent addition to a project.

What are the disadvantages of vinyls planks?
Some inexpensive kinds of luxury vinyl plank LVP can have thin wear layers that show scratches. If they do not have UV protection, they can show sun fade eventually. At Greatmats, we have high quality units that will deliver the longest lasting results.