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Rubber Chemical Tank Mats - Packers Chemical Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: May, 2018 - Modified: October, 2023

After more than 30 years of making cleaners and sanitizers for food processing plants, Terry Carling-Kelly has developed a good feel for what toll large chemical tanks take on the floors of his Packers Chemical facility in Kieler, Wisconsin.

In order to minimize stress cracks caused by the pressure generated from frequently loading and unloading 12 foot diameter 12,000 gallon tanks Carling-Kelly began searching online for 12x12 rubber mats to fit under and provide extra cushioning for his chemical tanks and found 12x14 foot one piece stall mats at, which he trimmed to custom fit his tanks.
After using the mats for more than 6 months, Carling-Kelly says they're ''still going strong.''

Packers Chemical, founded in 1983, has the manufacturing capability for more than 180 million pounds of detergents and sanitizers each year and offers more than 325 cleaning, sanitizing and specialty chemicals.
Terry Carling-Kelly
Packers Chemical
Kieler WI 53812