Interlocking Gym Mats - ShokLok Rubber Tiles

Interlocking Gym Humane ShokLok Rubber Tiles & Mats Video

ShokLok Rubber Gym Flooring does it all. With its rugged durability, it protects your floor against dropped weights.

ShokLok's smooth surface texture is gentle on skin.

It also offers intense comfort, easy installation, worry free maintenance and easy cleaning.

ShokLok Tiles are perfect for home and commercial gyms and available from Greatmats!

These interlocking rubber gym mats are perfect for weight training and CrossFit environments as they will stand up to free weights and exercise machines. They're great under squat racks or deadlift platforms and will perform equally as well in home or commercial gyms.

Made of vulcanized rubber this gym flooring system is completely waterproof and it features a special support structure the reduces both noise and vibration.

Find ShokLok interlocking rubber gym floor mats in 2x2 or 4x6 foot sizes as well as the following pre-sized kits:
  • 10x10 Gym Floor Kit
  • 10x12 Gym Floor Kit
  • 10x14 Gym Floor Kit
  • 12x12 Gym Floor Kit
  • 12x14 Gym Floor Kit
  • 14x14 Gym Floor Kit

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