Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring Options By Greatmats

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Greatmats is one of the most trusted suppliers of Commercial Rubber Gym Flooring in the United States. With an extensive selection of rubber rolls, mats and tiles shipped from all across the country, Greatmats can provide you a high quality product with some of the best shipping rates available.

Greatmats has rubber gym flooring designed specifically for different types of commercial gyms including:
  1. CrossFit gyms
  2. Personal training facilities
  3. Group fitness gyms
  4. University fitness centers
  5. High school weight room
  6. Health clubs
  7. Aquatic center
  8. etc.

If commercial grade rubber rolls are your flooring style of choice, you got it! Greatmats offers durable rubber flooring rolls in thicknesses of up to 1/2 inch for weight training. Thinner rubber rolls are suitable for nearly all exercise equipment including squat racks or weight benches as well as treadmills, ellipticals and stair climbers.

If 1/2 inch isn't thick enough for the type of exercises you'll be doing such as dropping barbells from overhead, check out our commercial 4x6 rubber gym mats. You can find these at 1/2 inch thick but 3/4 inch mats will offer better protection against these extreme types of exercises. They help both your subfloor and your workout equipment. Plus, like all commercial rubber gym flooring, they're slip resistant, so you equipment won't slide around and neither will your patrons.

For the most customizeable commercial facility rubber flooring, you'll want to look at all of our interlocking rubber tile options. You can find economical rubber tiles or rubber flooring systems designed specifically to cut noise or vibration. Whether you surf powerlifter, bodybuilders or crossfitters - or simply someone looking to lose weight or stay in shape, there is a commercial gym rubber tile designed to fit those needs. To top it off, with more color options available in the tile form, you can often find a color to match or decor or create a unique floor design from the arrangement of different color tiles. Find school or business colors and stick with traditional and class black rubber. The choice is yours and the options are endless.

Greatmats is your top source for buying commercial rubber gym flooring.
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