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Ron Wiza Installs The DIY Portable Dance Floor Kit At Home

By Paige Cerulli Created: January, 2024

Ron Wiza Testimonial

When Ron Wiza needed a temporary dance floor that his daughter could practice on, he found the ideal solution in Greatmats’ Tap Dance Floor Kit.

“We were looking for a system that we could install in a relatively small space,” explains Wiza. Additionally, the floor needed to have a non-slip surface. “My daughter does Irish dance and she needs something where she can repetitively bounce without the prospect of slipping,” Wiza says. “We also needed an option that we could pick up, sit down, and set up easily, and we needed something that was going to be cost-effective.”

The Tap Dance Floor Kit was an ideal solution. Wiza could install the kit over his carpeted flooring, and it created a generously sized space that allowed his daughter to dance. Most importantly, the floor’s surface wasn’t slippery, yet the floor also offered gentle resistance during dance practice. “The Greatmats product was exactly what we were looking for,” says Wiza.

Why the Greatmats’ Tap Dance Floor Kit Is an Ideal Dance Floor

The Tap Dance Floor Kit was designed for situations exactly like Wiza’s. Many homes don’t have enough space to allow for a permanent dance floor installation, meaning a temporary floor that delivers the features needed for dancing, but that is also easy to remove and store away becomes essential.

6x6 ft portable dance flooring kit tiles

This kit’s modular design makes it highly versatile. The tiles feature hidden pegs and loops, allowing you to easily pop them together without requiring any glue. Since the tiles aren’t glued, they can just as easily be disassembled again. Each 6x6 foot kit consists of 36 tiles, so installing the floor is quick and easy. Border pieces create a clean, finished edge for a smooth transition onto and off of the floor.

After a dance practice or performance is done, the floor can be disassembled and stored away. The tiles measure 1x1 foot, so a single person can easily pack them up and transport them if needed.

There are plenty of other reasons why this floor is such a popular choice among dancers.

Firm, Supportive Surface

Made with high-quality materials, the dance floor features a sturdy plastic base. It creates the feel and sound that you want from a tap dance floor, and it doesn’t have a slick finish. Offering an optimal combination of support and traction, this dance floor will allow dancers to get in quality practice hours right at home.


These tiles can be installed in different environments. Thanks to a waterproof coating, they’re suitable for temporary indoor and outdoor use. You can also install them over firm surfaces, but they’re suitable for use over carpeting, too.

The dance floor kit is available in multiple sizes, including 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, and 6x6 feet. Additionally, you can choose from seven realistic wood grain finishes for the overall aesthetic that will work best for your intended use and space.


Few homes have the space to accommodate a permanent dance floor installation. Since this floor can be easily installed and removed, it allows you to retain the use of your room while temporarily transforming it into a dance floor.

This kit is easily portable, so dancers can carry it from room to room or even install it outdoors in good weather for a change of setting.

All-Encompassing Kit

When you purchase this kit, you’ll receive everything you need to assemble your dance floor. There are no extra tools or underlayments that you have to buy; the kit is ready to go when it arrives at your door.

The kit also simplifies the process of creating a dance floor. All you have to do is choose the size kit that you want, and the right number of tiles and edge pieces will ship to you. It’s an easy, foolproof way to ensure that you’ll have a working dance floor ready for use.


This floor is durable enough to withstand plenty of use, and it features a long-lasting design to maximize your investment. It’s strong enough to support tap and clogging shoes, and the vinyl material is low-maintenance, so you save time and money on maintaining the floor.

This dance floor is backed by a five-year warranty, so you can buy it with confidence.

Order Your Dance Floor Today

Getting in quality practice at home can give dancers a competitive edge, and it can help them to maximize the value they get out of lessons and classes. If you have any questions about this dance floor kit, contact Greatmats customer service today. We’re happy to answer questions, provide shipping quotes, and help you order the kit that’s right for your needs.