20 mm Martial Arts Puzzle Mat Use Ideas

By Julia Nass Created: July, 2017 - Modified: April, 2020

Reading through customer reviews reveals why Pro Taekwondo Martial Arts Sport 20 mm mats are so popular. Users constantly find these high-quality, foam products to be just the right fit as karate, boxing, kung fu, mma, krav maga and taekwondo mats, which they were originally designed for. However, there are even more uses the Pro Martial Arts Sport mat has to offer.

Customers have also found they this product to be awesome for other exercise as Zumba, Parkour and cardio. Some have even found the Pro Martial Arts product to operate as horse stall kick mats and kids play mats - or the perfect padded solution for a therapy classroom. The uses don't stop there. Take a look at several of the different ways customers have put these multi-purpose mats to use. Each use is backed up with a rave review straight from the product's page.

  1. Taekwondo
    ''Recently opened up a Tae Kwon Do studio which has to be somewhat mobile due to other events happening in the same building and decided puzzle mats would be the best way to go. I looked around at several vendors and found Greatmats. After receiving these mats, I am glad I went with them as they are just what I expected or even more. Excellent company to deal with and the shipping company was very compliant with a last minute address change. I would recommend Greatmats to anyone who is interested in mats for any floor.''
    Dan, Elkton, VA

  2. MMA
    ''These mats are perfect! They are firm enough for stand-up and bag work, but soft enough to be comfortable on bare feet. They also work well for rolling and falling. I would recommend something thicker for take-downs, but in our bag-room, they are perfect. They installed super quick and easy; we just laid them down before class one day. We bought 36 to cover an approximately 30 sq ft area. I had to trim nine to fit the width of the room. I marked it with a utility knife and then cut through more quickly with a saber saw. I had no issues. We have used the room for about a month now, at least two high-intensity classes per week training MMA. We typically have 4-10 people working out each class. It has been perfect for our needs; and looks great!''
    Dana, Memphis, TN

  3. Boxing
    ''Love these mats for boxing related classes. Not my first order, not my last.''
    Jeffrey Lee, Tupelo, MS

  4. Karate
    ''GreatMats.com not only offered the best price, and believe me I did a LOT of research, but also the best customer service, bar none! Pam was knowledgeable, well-versed and exceptionally nice to talk to. All of the 100 karate mats that I ordered arrived in perfect condition. The freight company was wonderful to deal with, from scheduling to customer service, to the delivery driver who carefully unloaded the mats into my dojo. I am thrilled with all aspects of purchasing these high quality mats for my dojo and would love to recommend Greatmats.com to anyone interested in a great shopping experience and outstanding product quality.''
    Debra, Colorado Springs, CO

  5. Krav Maga
    ''For our Krav Maga program. We’re in athletic shoes. We’re doing a lot of running, turning, twisting, throwing. So we needed a surface that was going to hold up. We also needed something that would be comfortable under our feet. With our taekwondo program, we train in bare feet. We need the ability to pivot quickly - maintain our balance and this is exactly what we were looking for.''
    Matt, Clive, IA

  6. Gymnastics
    ''Purchased the Pro Sport Foam Tile (Gray/Black) for my new Chinese Martial Arts Studio (Pacific Northwest Martial Arts Academy - PNMAA) location. The product arrived without any damage, was very uniform, and was easy to install. My daughter and I installed the flooring all in one day. The product was easy to trim/cut ... We have had martial arts classes, gymnastics classes, parkour classes, and cheer tumbling classes so far since our grand opening on September 3, 2015. The mats are durable, strong and easy to clean. I am very pleased with this product and the company that stands behind what they sell. Thanks, Greatmats!!!''
    Jeannette, Mount Vernon, WA

  7. Cardio
    ''Love my 2nd basement gym even more than the first thanks to my Pro Sport foam floor by Greatmats. Staff was very accommodating with my shipping requests. Floor went in on a Sunday afternoon with no tile defects. I'd highly recommend these mats for cardiovascular or MMA workouts.''
    Scott, Lakewood, CO

  8. Horse Stall Kick Mats
    ''Person at order desk was very knowledgeable and helpful. The mats were easy to install. We put them to unconventional use -- on the walls of several horse stalls to help prevent horses that tend to kick, from sustaining injuries. The mats work very nicely for this purpose.''
    Margot, Clinton, NY

  9. Dog Training
    ''I love the mats! They were really easy to install, they're easy to clean, and my dogs absolutely love the cushion beneath their paws! The mats are great! :)''
    Deirdre, Wheeling, WV

  10. Tai Chi
    ''The martial arts puzzle mats went down very easily. We do tai chi and applications (sparring). Some mats had to be cut for fit. A ''box cutter'' works okay, but I found a saber saw smooth cut blade worked more easily. They're a lot easier to fall on than a sub-floor!''

  11. Zumba
    ''You can cut corners on some things, but in a martial arts studio, flooring ISN'T one of them. After exhaustive research on flooring/mat options, obtaining samples from several sources, and getting advice from the friendly, helpful folks in customer service at Greatmats, we feel we absolutely got the best price possible from Greatmats and we didn't sacrifice quality, either. We purchased 1,500 sq ft of this mat and are using it for both martial arts and Zumba fitness...Very happy, thank you.''
    Liane, Harrodsburg, IN

  12. P90X
    ''I purchased the Martial Arts Pro floor mats, 36 quantity. Customer service was friendly and professional. My order was completed correctly and delivered on time. I am doing P90X, and these mats are life-savers, as I have foot problems (plantar faciitis) and am 6'5'' and currently 270 lbs. They provide sufficient cushion to comfortably absorb the impact of my heavy frame on one or two feet (during plyometrics). Also, it is easier on the hands/wrists when doing the various styles of push-ups. My daughter took two of my mats and use them in the kitchen - one near the sink, and the other near the stove. She loves them as she can stand there cooking for a long time without any foot/leg/back discomfort. I am very satisfied with both the product and the customer service. For any future mats/cushioned flooring purchases, they would be my first choice.''
    Andrew, Ellenwood, GA

  13. Demos
    ''We use the puzzle mats for demos. We take them to different venues and put them down and do our martial arts demo. Helps save the feet. I would not hesitate to use Greatmats for a dojo but would buy thicker ones than we got for a permanent floor, especially if you do throws. Good product!''
    Steven, Pittsville, WI

  14. Fitness Classes
    ''We have kettlebell, kickboxing and other fitness classes several times a day and everyone wears shoes. They have held up well for the first year. The only problem we've had is that when we added additional floor space and ordered more mats, the original mats had stretched to the point that they no longer match the new ones. Hopefully, the new ones will expand to match. We would have planned our purchases better had we known that.''
    Timothy E., Johnston, IA

  15. Kids Play Rooms
    ''We bought the mats for our kids playroom. We went with the larger size to reduce the number of joints. These tiles are even better than we had hoped for. The foam is soft, yet firm. All the edges are included, and the mats arrived quickly and in perfect shape shrink-wrapped on a pallet.''
    Sven, New Hartford, CT

  16. Physical Therapy Flooring
    ''We love these mats and gladly give them and greatmats 5 stars!
    The school therapists did lots of research on the best flooring to put in our preschool's physical therapy room. In terms of ease of care, resistance to wear, protection and cushion provided, the Martial Arts Mats seemed to be the best tile out there to fill all our needs. We ordered 64 red/blue. A few came damaged, but GreatMats customer service was outstanding in resolving our issue. They sent replacement tiles for those that were damaged and we repurposed the damaged tiles to create a set of climbing stairs to our foam pit. The floor and the stairs look great, and have met our needs beautifully. Thank you Greatmats and David (our customer service representative) for the great service!''
    Jennifer, North Syracuse, NY

  17. Indoor Jungle Gym
    ''I absolutely love the colorful 20mm mats I got for my indoor jungle gym area. The surface of the mats clean easily. These mats have the right amount of cushioning, very comfortable for kids and parents to hang out. Everything looks great in my space. The customer service is amazing and very helpful!''
    Ahsan, New Hyde Park, NY