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Martial Arts Inspiring Story - Jim Fenby - Bolivar Warrior Sports

By Created: July, 2017 - Modified: September, 2017

My name is Jim Fenby, and I am a 31 year old, married with three kids, self employed contractor and handyman. After getting and making it halfway through the KC finals, I was inspired myself beyond expectations by the experience and people I had the privilege to meet.

Martial Arts Background
I took about two years of mixed martial arts when I was around 16 in my small town of Rock Hill Pennsylvania, taught by two excellent instructors, and an average class size of around 10 people. I learned a lot, stemming from Gracie jiu-jitsu, and excelled mostly in grappling and submissions over that time, and also became very comfortable with stick and knife fighting/self defense throughout those years.

Though my official training ended when construction work took me over the road, I have continued to keep all those skills in tune over the years, and am always taking advantage to share what I know in that regard with anyone around me. The personal benefits to me have been immense in self confidence, agility, and self control, and it's always amazing to see just how many aspects of my life, and thus others, it has effected positively!

Evolving into an American Ninja Warrior
Already running every aspect of my construction business with rarely a spare moment, and my wife a registered nurse, certified yoga instructor and homeschooling our three kids...we set out to build our own American Ninja Warrior style gym and event center to share the experience, benefits, absolute blast I was able have on the show.

Digging deep out of our own savings to finance it, working nights and weekends for months to plan, design, and build it with any volunteer help we could muster, we jumped in head first not having any guarantees our small town of Bolivar, MO, would even be a large enough demographic to be able to support us enough to be sustainable.

We have somehow been open about 2 months on top of our already crazy schedules, and the interest, memberships, and events continue to grow.

What began as just a fun opportunity to be on TV and run an epic ninja course that I'd been watching for years, turned into an opportunity to motivate, encourage, and inspire people in a way that I had never even considered through this growing sport and competition known as American Ninja Warrior.

Had it not been for my incredible wife, Callie, Andy Mariage of Warrior Sports in Springfield, MO, or my good friend, Madelynn McNeal, for her constant encouragement, positive outlook, and commitment... I'm sure I wouldn't have even attempted this, much less been able to make it happen.

I've been sharing my own experience of mixed martial arts, overall fitness, commitment, positive attitude in all you do, and many other things at my awesome and unique facility with so many people, and it's been a blast :]

Mixed martial arts to me is a must that my kids will continue to learn, and everyone one else I will ever have the opportunity to teach (which will certainly be more now, thanks to my facility). The benefits I believe are are immense no matter what your field or status in life, and I believe build a solid foundation for any path and overall wellbeing!

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