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By Created: July, 2017

Brenda Harrison's nickname maybe ''2Sweet,'' but do not let it fool you. The powerful punches and kicks she throws matched only by the unwavering passion she possesses for the sport of kickboxing. During Harrison's 24 years of training with Coach Eddie ''Thunderkick'' Monger, her passion, drive, and determination have enabled her to set, strive for, and demolish countless personal and athletic goals. Starting at mere 90 pounds, shy, with little or no self-esteem and a quivering voice, Harrison triumphed over her reserves to become a 5th-degree black belt teacher and transformed herself into a solid 125 pounds of pure muscle in her 40s. She also had a fight career, with three knockouts, two of which were by kicks, Harrison held a 16-3 kickboxing record, IKF USA National Strawweight Championship Belt, and 2 times IKF Southeast Regional Atomweight.

Harrison's dedication, however, is not limited to her personal achievements alone; she is committed to furthering the knowledge of kickboxing to others, and as so has established herself as a respected kickboxing instructor with 20+ years of teaching experience so far at Thunder Kickboxing Academy.

Even with all these remarkable accomplishments, Harrison is still striving for more. Currently, she is pursuing a bachelor's degree in fine arts and then MBA, so that she can spread the knowledge about kickboxing on an even larger scale. Through producing her own line of instructional kickboxing videos and martial art movies, Harrison hopes to share the sport she loves with people on a national and even worldwide level. Harrison is determined to open the door for anyone who wants to become involved in kickboxing, no matter where they are.

Furthermore, this accomplishment will ultimately provide Harrison with the opportunity to train everyone with a passion for kickboxing, where she will have the chance to realize her largest ambition yet - Becoming a Shihan!

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