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An athlete while in school and martial artist since, Eddie Monger was seven kept him in tip top shape. Yes, having glasses did not help while at a tuff no nonsense school in North Memphis, but I can say the training in martial arts with Sensei Benny Green gave him the knowledge when to use it, physical ability to apply it, and the confidence to use it while growing up. After doing infinite amount of karate tournaments, Eddie Monger strove for a new goal of fighting a new style, full contact karate.

The first endeavor went up in smoke in the first round by knockout; due to not being completely prepared for full contact but instead pulling techniques instead of putting his weight into the techniques. This is when a new coach came into play. Sensei Benny Green wanted Eddie Monger prepared and took him to Memphis State University to learn from Coach Bill Wallace. Coach Bill Wallace taught him the basic concepts & skills of full contact karate, dynamic kicking and stretching, and the ultimate boxing and kicking. After all the skill and training he received from Sensei Benny Green, Coaching from Bill Wallace, and fellow training with Tony Rouser, Patrick Wrenn, Dino Butler, Anthony Elmore, David Adams, Jeff Mullen, and Steve Stanford, he became fourth in the world in heavyweight kickboxing in the 80's.

Things started to change when a new job in computers let him know that something was wrong with his eyes. Eddie Monger found he had detached retinas and have to have two separate surgeries on his eyes. With the heeling process, no training for months, moving to new state for new job, sitting at the console at the job, and eating as if he is training hard is when he picked up the weight. He went from 220 pounds of solid muscles to 425 pounds within a couple years.

A new day came when he was walking to get these cheese biscuits at Red Lobster. As he was walking up the hill to get them, he grabbed onto his chest and kneeled. As he kneeled there all Eddie Monger could think of is I am going to die, I am going to die in my 30's. Out of nowhere an older gentleman put his hand on his shoulder and asked him, ''Young man, are you ok?'' Of course he wasn't if he stayed on this path.

As Eddie Monger caught his breath and chest pressure went away, he had decided to go to the doctors instead of getting the biscuits. The doctor told him he needs to lose weight, that if not the next one could be the real one or even last chance at life. Doctor said, ''You are an athlete, need to work out, and eat right.''

Eddie Monger replied, ''Yes, sir.''

The next time Eddie Monger had gone to his doctor, he had lost weight from eating right. Now here comes the path of finding a place to work out. After going to more than 10 martial arts schools, while being told no full contact karate guys are allowed to train here, he come upon a school. This karate school allowed him to get his training in like jump rope, pushups, sit ups, shadow box, and hit the bags on his own time, as well as, sparring with the others at the school like Carl Soriano, Ernest Miller, and Bobby Franklin.

This is where Eddie Monger started dropping the weight and toning to get back to the low two hundreds and make his heart stronger. While this was happening another goal popped in his head and that is to become a Coach like his Sensei Benny and Coach Wallace.

As a teacher, it takes more than just having good kicks or great credentials to teach martial arts for a living. Eddie Monger found if you want to teach martial arts for a living, you need to have a good mentor, too! That is what your teachers are for like Sensei Benny and Coach Wallace. Realizing that is what made things easier and fun to teach, instead of all the ups and downs of Eddie Monger figuring out things on his own.

Now that Eddie Monger has changed his life, physique, and experience as a teacher it was time for him to do so for others...

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