How to Do Basic Karate Snapping Kicks with David Younglove

By Greatmats Staff Created: June, 2018 - Modified: July, 2021

In this basic snapping kick tutorial, we're going to talk about a front kick, a roundhouse kick, and a hook kick.

The Basic Front Kick

This is the technique you are going to learn in your first ever karate class. Pick your knee up and point it straight ahead. You can point your toes and hit with the top, instep of the foot. Or you can flex your foot and hit with the ball of the foot. Get your heel as tight to your seat as possible. The knee will extend out and point at the target and then return in a very rapid motion. The faster that snapping motion is, the more power the technique will have. Think of it like a whip.

The Basic Roundhouse kick

This kick will go parallel with the floor. Pick your knee up and pivot the bottom foot on the ball of the foot so that the bottom foot points away from the target. This will give you a little more reach and allows your hips to turn to develop power and kick through the target.
Turn your hips over so your are facing the back side of the striking surface. Your head, hips, shoulders, and knees should all be in one plane. Arch your back. You should feel like you are leaning back a little bit. Finish with a nice quick snap, parallel to the floor.

Hook Kick

The hook kick will also go parallel to the floor, but in the opposite direction of the roundhouse. Pick up your knee, kick out with a straight leg just to the side of the target, then snap your heel back, bending at the knee.
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