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How to Escape a Half Guard and get Back Mount

BJJ World Champion Technique Tip No. 11

Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros // 2017

One way to escape from a guard, going straight to his back is ...

1. Have your opponent's half guard with your knee free.
2. Push him outside with your knee and your hands.
3. Cross his arm in front of his chest.
4. Control his elbow and his wrist and start to close and push this space with your body.
5. Keep blocking him with your chest and move your leg up a little bit.
6. Move your hand from behind is neck and control his wrist.
7. It's important when you control here to make sure you have tight control of my opponent. If you're loose, he can turn into you. That's not what you're looking for. Control his hand starting on his tricep very low. Slide your knee inline with his head.
8. Pass your knee.
9. Make sure you're really tight and I pull him over you. Escape your hip under a little bit and you get your hook in. - Four points!

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Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros
Comprido BJJ
Bloomingdale IL
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