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Capoeira Floor Mats - Allied Capoeira League Testimonial

By Brett Hart Created: May, 2018 - Modified: December, 2022

Formed in 2014, Allied Capoeira League offers capoeira class to adults and children alike through its branches in California, Florida and Georgia.

''Our focus is on using an objective based, progressive curriculum to promote well rounded students who use the core values and traditions of our art to stay modern in a uniquely authentic way,'' says league founder Mestrando Aranha.

Having trained in the art since 1992 with Mestre Rony and Mestre Amunka, Mestrando Aranha opened his first academy in 2000 and has traveled extensively to train in multiple forms of martial arts.

''I've spent thousands of hours on all kinds of mats and floors,'' Mestrando Aranha said. ''When it came time to open my newest school (in Sacramento, Calif.), I chose Greatmats because I felt it was the perfect balance of high quality and reasonable pricing.''

Combine that with the fact he had only heard good things about the company, Greatmats 1 inch martial arts mats were a logical choice for his academy.

''In my first school, the mats were very thin, and would constantly shift and warp,'' Mestrando Aranha said. ''Capoeira is a very dynamic martial art that incorporates a high level of body movement and acrobatics. So it was really a no-brainer to get thicker mats.

''I have been very impressed with how solid they've been. They don't move AT ALL, which kind of blows my mind when I see so many students doing crazy moves on them! They are also very tough. We do lots of circuit training that requires various props being dragged around, and the mats only have a few blemishes after (three) years of abuse.''

In addition to their performance, the 1'' Greatmats Martial Arts Mats have also proven to be easy to clean and maintain.

Mestrando Aranha says he does a quick sweep up before class and it's easy to mop after.

Mestrando Aranha
Allied Capoeira League
Sacramento CA 95821