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Trenton Conway - Pushing Mental and Physical Boundaries

By Brett Hart Created: August, 2017 - Modified: May, 2020

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Pushing mental and physical boundaries serve as plenty of motivation for 20-year-old Trenton Conway to continue is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training.
He says the combination of the competitive side, self defense and brotherhood/sisterhood of the sport make it very rewarding to him.

''I have met amazing people through jiu jitsu and friendships that will last a lifetime,'' Conway said. ''My dad got me started in jiu jitsu when I was around 10. When he took me to my first class, I was hooked.''

While still young in the art, the blue belt now runs Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Harrison, Arkansas, with the help of owner David Phelps and professor Luis Rubalcava.

He strives daily to perfect his craft, whether teaching, training or learning how to run a school, and he views his biggest accomplishment thus far being staying active as a competitor while teaching kids and seeing them win tournaments.

Conway, who also has background in judo and golden gloves boxing says jiu jitsu has taught him confidence, discipline and meditation - all things he plans to pass along to his students.

''After all, they are the future of jiu jitsu,'' he said.

When not performing his duties at Mixed Martial Arts Academy, he trains at Professor Rubalcava's school in Springdale, Arkansas.

''God, family and everybody under the Rubalcava Jiu Jitsu affiliation motivate me in life and in jiu jitsu,'' Conway said, noting that his father and little sister also train in jiu jitsu. ''You know that saying. A family that trains together stays together.''

Competing in the American Grappling Federation

He recently competed in the Greatmats-sponsored American Grappling Federation's Springfield BJJ Championships at Drury College in Springfield, Missouri, on April 29, despite coming off an injury and moving up two weight classes. While he admits, he could have done better, Conway kept his head up saying, ''No excuses. There will be another one.''

Conway enjoys the AGF tournaments, saying they are some of the best run tournaments around.

''They are always on time,'' he said. ''The staff is friendly, and there is high level jiu jitsu at every tournament.''

''You are going to have your great days in jiu jitsu and your bad days,'' Conway added. ''The jiu jitsu journey is a roller coaster, mentally and physically. We have all had our days, but at the end of the day your jiu jitsu journey is your journey not any one else's, so keep the journey going and keep rolling! It will be worth it in the end.''

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