Bailey Steele wins Make My Barn Great Photo Contest

Skipper to get stall mat makover

By Brett Hart

got her first horse at the age of five, and 12 years later, she still loves to ride her horse, Skipper, around her grandparents farm..

Bailey recently entered Greatmats ''Make My Barn Great'' photo contest with a senior photo where she included Skipper as her ''plus one.'' And that photo won her $300 in Greatmats horse stall mats to be used for at Reilly Farm, a small vegetable and hay farm in Ida, Michigan, where she also has alpacas and goats.

''My favorite thing I get to experience with my horse is just bonding with him and have that connection grow while grooming, feeding, walking, etc.,'' she said. ''Most likely, I will switch my horses current mats to the alpaca and goat barn and give my horse the brand new mats he so much deserves.''

Winning the mats through Greatmats ''Make My Barn Great'' contest is just one small way Bailey is able to show her gratitude to Skipper and her grandparents, who bought and board Skipper for her.

''This was an amazing opportunity,'' Bailey said about the contest. ''My grandparents love farming, and even though they are seventy-nine and eighty-two years old, that doesn't stop them from living their dreams and continuing to work hard.''

Bailey Steele
Reilly Farm
Ida MI
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