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How to Load a Horse into a Trailer with Jesse Krier - Greatmats Horse Training Series

Date Published: 12-16 - 2021

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In this procedure, we’re gonna teach her to load in a trailer. When she came here, the owner said it was really tough for her to get in a trailer.
This is a perfect scenario. We work in a pen and she’s worked in here other days, and I’ve had the trailer parked here for the last couple days.
We have not gone in it on purpose. Now, she’s thinking the barn is where she wants to go because we’re done working.
We’re just going to trick her into stepping into that trailer. And this is the least invasive way I can think of - and it works!
It works great. She’s tired. She’s wanting to be done, and we’re just going to walk into the trailer like it's not a big deal.
Look at that. Never would have guessed. That owner will be amazed.
What I did… In my process there, I did not turn my body around. I did not get to the trailer and turn around and put a big red flag to say “Hey. I stopped my feet. You need to stop your feet.”
My feet kept moving. Her feet kept moving.
What we did was trick her into getting into the trailer. Because I didn’t make a big red flag, a big red alarm. We just stepped and she kept stepping and she kept following.
And through the process of her training here, she realized if I follow that person, they’re not going to lead me astray. And she trusted me.
And with the series of things we’ve done today that just enforced that she needed to trust.
Now we’ll loosen her saddle as a reward and we’re going to quit today.
This is just a mini step, but it is a huge step for her. We’re just going to really accelerate the reward.
By showing her that when she came in here, something got even better for her than worse. And we’ll go un-tack her.

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