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Interlocking Rubber Tile - Spark And Hot Bolt Resistance Test

Date Published: 08-18 - 2022

Rubber Interlocking Floor Tiles are one of the must durable and resilient flooring products around. For that reason we decided to test how resistant this type of flooring is against extreme heat situations it may face if used in a garage or workshop, including sparks and hot metal.
We tested the rubber tiles against sparks where the source was a couple of inches away and again when the sparks were in the neighborhood of 1 foot away. In both cases the flooring held up very well. While the material did heat up and begin to smoke when exposed to the extremely close range sparks, the damage to the tile was almost unnoticeable. When the spark sourced was moved back to 1 foot away, no damage could be found on the product.
We also heated up a bolt to glowing red by cutting off a piece of it with an angle grinder and then dropped the hot chunk of metal on to the rubber tile. Again, some smoke could be seen, but there was no noticeable damage.
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