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Interlocking Rubber Floor Tiles - Easy Installation Video - Greatmats

Date Published: 01-06 - 2014

Interlocking rubber floor tiles from Greatmats are available in solid black as well as dynamic color mixes.

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Flooring rubber is a great surface for athletic and weight rooms in commercial and home gyms. It can lay directly over concrete and will protect the floors below. We sell rubber in 4 ft wide rolls. This is the most economical option for large athletic installations. For customers looking for home gym flooring, we recommend our interlocking rubber tiles. These provide an easy installation as the interlocking tiles are relatively lightweight and can be laid easily for wall-to-wall installations. We also carry full color, durable tiles such as our one-inch thick Weight Strength Tiles. These are a popular option for high-end commercial gym floors, pro athletic facilities, and university weight rooms.

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