Loping a Young Horse Under Saddle: Horse Training Series No. 13

Starting a filly under saddle. Free lunging at a lope.

By Kelly Murphy-Alley

By Kelly Murphy-Alley

When you lunge a filly on a line, it may buck or try to run.

Step to his hip and ask her to .Start her at a walk and let her get used to the saddle and all of the parts of it that are touching her.

After a few mintues, tighten the saddle more.

Forward motion is everything no matter what lines they take in the round pen.

A lunge whip is helpful in this process. Watch for for signs that she's nervous. Once those are gone, switch them to go in the opposite direction. It will be like starting all over as it works a different part of their brains.

Talking to you filly, stay calm and reassuring, keeping it a positive experience.

Don't ask a colt to lope on a short line.
Kelly Murphy-Alley
Striking KMA Performance Horses
Wilmore KY
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