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How to Install StayLock Tiles Over Grass For A Temporary Walkway

Date Published: 09-19 - 2022

StayLock Outdoor Tiles are a great flooring solution for uneven surfaces, such as grass, dirt, gravel and more. The tiles lock securely together and are flexible enough to contour to the surface below.

When installing over an uneven surface such as grass, it is very helpful to have something hard and flat, such as a piece of plywood, to place under the tiles as you connect them together. This provides the necessary resistance to pop the tabs into the loops of the connection system. The plywood can be moved around throughout the installation and does not need to stay in place longterm.

StayLock Tiles with a perforated surface, allow for air and waterflow through the surface as well as some sunlight. They also stay cooler than most outdoor flooring systems, allowing the tiles to stay installed over grass for a longer period of time without damaging or killing the grass - especially when lighter colored tiles are used.

StayLock Tiles are designed to accommodate repeat installations, making them a great option for portable sidewalks.

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