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How to Install Matrax - Portable Outdoor Flooring Panels

Date Published: 07-11 - 2022

Today we’re going to show how to install the Matrax outdoor flooring used for walkways, party tents, stadium events, beach access and more.

These tiles use a cam lock system to hold tightly together over nearly any ground surface, including grass, dirt, sand, gravel and pavement, providing a fast draining and slip resistant outdoor surface.

The cam lock features a locking disc, which has slots on top for turning with a T-bar or wrecking bar. On the underside of the disc is a rotating pin lock, which fits down into an identically shaped “Key” hole in a bottom flange of an adjacent tile.

Begin by laying out your tiles with the bottom flanges all pointing in the same direction and all locking discs turned to the “unlocked” position - identified by an open padlock emblem. Be aware that the two sides with locking discs will not have the slots facing in the same direction and the corner disc slots will align with only one side.

Work out from the corner with the locking discs on top and lay the the next tile overtop of the flange of the already laid tile so the rotating pin fits into the keyhole. For added protection against shifting, each flange has three circular nubs that fit securely into the underside of the overlapping tile.

If you are using a wrecking bar as your key for the cam lock, align the claw with the two slots on the disc and apply pressure on the heel of the wrecking bar to keep the claw in place. Then turn the disc using the wrecking bar in either direction until you feel or hear it click into place. Your slots should now align with the closed padlock emblem on the tile to indicate it is locked in place.

If your wrecking bar is not placed flush with the bottom of the slots, not enough pressure is applied, or it is only placed on one side of the disc, the bar may slip out of the slot, damaging or stripping the locking disc slots.

Be sure to secure all locks in for maximum hold.

Disassembling the flooring is just as easy. Simply turn the locks to the open positions and lift the tiles in reverse order of which they were laid. When done properly, they’ll even unlock when wet.

Enjoy your new temporary outdoor event and access flooring!
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