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How To Cut Rubber Pavers - Thick Rubber Tiles

Date Published: 05-23 - 2022

Welcome to Greatmats Workshop. Let’s go over how to cut different types of flooring.

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When cutting any kind of flooring, it’s important to use the proper safety equipment. This includes hearing protection (if you’re going to use power tools), eye protection and sometimes a mask. And it’s always a great idea to consider using quality anti fatigue mats from Greatmats!

In this video we’re going to demonstrate how to cut thick rubber pavers. The shear thickness of this type of product creates the biggest challenge. Rubber pavers are generally around 2x2 feet in size and anywhere from an inch to 5 inches thick.

Most power tools will generate too much friction to cut through a rubber material this thick easily. With that being said, it can be done relatively easily using either a snap off knife or a roofing knife as well as :
A measuring device
A marking tool
A square
A metal straight edge
And maybe a wooden 2x4
The snap-off knife will require a bit more finesse and patience, but it will yield the cleanest cut. The blade will be the sharpest option and can extend deeper into the thick rubber material than a standard utility knife.
If you want to really get after that cut in a more aggressive manner, a roofing knife is the better option.

Start by measuring and marking where you’d like to cut your rubber paver.
If you’re simply looking to cut off an end of a paver, a t-square or framing square will help you keep that nice 90 degree angle.
Once you’ve marked the rubber, align a metal straight edge with your mark. Make sure your straight edge is longer than the cut you’ll be making so you can make continuous cuts.
Then, following the straight edge guide, make a series of several scores until you’ve developed a nice groove.
Then, let the paver either hang off the edge of your workbench at the cut - or place a 2x4 board under the cut to allow that cut to open.
Then continue to score the rubber until you’ve made it all of the way through. The cut will continue to open with each score, allowing you to continue cutting with limited friction on the blade.
If you need to notch out a section the roll to go around something like a door frame. The same procedure applies. Just make sure to start cutting from an interior corner and pull the blade toward the outer edge. This will help prevent over-cutting.

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