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How To Cut Rubber Flooring Rolls

Date Published: 07-06 - 2022

Welcome to Greatmats Workshop. Let’s go over how to cut Rolled Rubber flooring.

When cutting any kind of flooring, it’s important to use the proper safety equipment. This includes hearing protection (if you’re going to use power tools), eye protection and sometimes a mask. And it’s always a great idea to consider using quality anti fatigue mats from Greatmats!

In this video we’re going to demonstrate how to cut rolled rubber. The biggest challenge with rolled rubber is its size, and potentially its weight. Rubber rolls are 4 feet wide and are available in a wide range of length options. They also range from less than 1/10 of an inch up to about ⅔ inch thick.

As with all rubber products, the other challenge is to avoid having too much friction during cutting.

The vast majority of the time, cutting rolled rubber can be accomplished most easily using:
A measuring device
A marking tool
A square
A metal straight edge
A utility knife
And maybe a wooden 2x4

Start by measuring and marking where you’d like to cut your rolled rubber.
If you’re simply looking to square up the end of a roll so it fits flush against other rolls, you’ll want to use a t-square or a framing square as a guide to ensure your 90 degree angle.

Once you’ve marked the rubber, align a metal straight edge with your mark. The longer the straight edge the better. If your straight edge extends beyond the edges of the cut, you’ll get a cleaner and straighter cut than if you have to cut in sections, moving the straight edge.

With the straight edge firmly held in place, take the utility knife and use a series of scores along the straight edge to work your way through the rubber.

Thinner rubber rolls can be cut all of the way through using this method - just make sure to have something under the cutting area to protect the surface beneath the rubber. - Generally a piece of cardboard or plywood would work just fine.

If you’re cutting a thicker rubber roll, score part way through the material and then align a 2x4 board under the cut to allow the cut to open and reduce friction against your blade. Then proceed to score your way through the roll.

If you need to notch out a section the roll to go around something like a door frame. The same procedure applies. Just make sure to start cutting from an interior corner and pull the blade toward the outer edge. This will help prevent over-cutting.

If you are cutting a thinner rolled rubber, you may even be able to cut it using a heavy duty pair of scissors. This can be a handy method if you need to cut curves.

Thank you for joining us at Greatmats Workshop. Be sure to visit our website for more information and sample options - or give us a call to speak with a knowledgeable sales associate.


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