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Horse Water Crossing Obstacles with Jesse Krier - Greatmats Horse Training Series

Date Published: 01-18 - 2022

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So just as a little lead up into going through that water next, we’ll get her stepping down into something. This little ravine serves the purpose.

This filly has been through the water a couple times but not many of them like it. We’re not bumpin’ and kickin’ and spankin’ and spurrin’. We’re just letting her look at it.

Lettin’ her look.

She’s actually wanting a drink.

We’ll step up another step though, because we’re here to work.

Step up.

I think she’s ready for the river.

We’ll go through it another time just to make sure she’s ready (If we can’t remove David’s voice here, let’s cut the audio altogether on that sentence.)

So in this segment, we’re going to actually be taking this fill across the river, across the big water, and everything we did prior is going to add up to getting her ready for what we’re going to do right now. This gets a little deep and it's a little bit of a step for her.

So as we get down here to the river now. Now we’re going to take this filly across the river, and when we look at this water, it doesn’t look too invasive - not much more than what the other creek was, but it is a lot deeper and it’s going to be a big deal for her.

So we’re going to just inch her forward, encourage forward movement, and ask her to keep going down into the creek. And once she gets down there, we’ll reward her with release of pressure.

So now as we’ve already crossed it the one time now we’re going to ride down and just turn around and come back here. And as we’re going back down into the water, she’s still apprehensive about it but we’re not getting after her. Not spanking on her. We’re just asking her to just take her time and look at it and go down into the water and as she gets down in here we’ll just give her her face and let her relax down in here a little bit. Look at the water and take it all in.

So now that we’ve got her down into the water and she’s going down in there nice, we’re going to just play here a little bit and we’ll go into the deep spot. This deep spot gets - well this time of year, it’s going to get a little cold. But we’ll get her down in here and just keep inching her forward and keep encouraging and as she’s going she’s doing pretty good by golly. This is not as deep as I thought it was but pretty good.


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