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Horse Bridge Obstacles with Jesse Krier - Greatmats Horse Training Series

Date Published: 01-06 - 2022

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Now we’re going to introduce her to some bridges. These little bridges first - just get her set up for the bigger bridge. And this little bridge is pretty simple, but for some horses, it’s a pretty big deal.

We’re just gonna keep her between our reins, get her there. Any negative step is reprimanded. Any positive step is reinforced with a release. She’s relaxing. I’m going to relax. Ask for another step.

She did well.
We’re going to reward her,
We’ll go to the little bridge, and this is a little tight rope.

This is what we call the tight rope. This is probably the hardest obstacle here. It seems so minor. This is really hard to get them to get all four feet up on that bridge.
I do not get every horse to do this.
It’s so much easier for them to just take the easy way out.

Did I pull you right off of it?
I’m using my right spur a little bit, just telling her she can’t run into that side. She’s wanting to push on me. We’re going to push her back over. Now she’s going to go to the left. You’ll get to see her a little better now. I’m pushing with my left spur. Telling her she can’t run into my leg.

You gotta pay attention to the obstacle Sweetheart. Positive steps are reinforced with a release.
Now we’re going to ask again.
Oh. That was some try. We’ll reward that with a release.

There was a little try anyway. We’re going to do it again.
She says it's so much easier to just walk beside it.

Stay the course Sweetheart. There you go.

Oh. So much try.
We’ll go over to the other one just for good measure.
Hey I said we’re going over to the other one.
Pick her back up and actually go right back to it.
Need a little more try.
We just gotta remember.

Keep our anxiety low. This is nothing personal. They’re just trying to avoid it. We’re just saying this is where you’ve gotta step.
If she steps off of it now, we’ll be just fine. I’m happy with what she did here.
Ok. Now that will lead us to our bigger bridge, right down here.

So now we’ll approach this bigger bridge. It’s a little bit of a step down, it's a little bit more invasive for her.
Let her look at it and this is actually a little easier than those smaller bridges because she actually needs this to get somewhere.
We’re going to step down into the mud.

And because she’s doing so well with it, we’re just going to sink it in stone a little bit more in her

That she can go back across.
A little bit of mud.
Yea. Let’s get out of that mud.

Ok. We’ll go down one more time.
Keeping her between our reins. She’s looking for a way out.

And we’re going to bump her a little bit with that spur. Just saying Hey don’t run into that.
Let’s go down here and pay attention to the matter at hand.

Watch where your feet are stepping.

Step down.
Pick your way. Right back across there.

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