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Heavy Equipment Mud Mats - Ground Protection and Stability

Date Published: 09-21 - 2020

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Greatmats Ground protection mats are excellent mud mats for heavy equipment.

These mats, designed to support loads of up to 80 tons, are a lightweight and convenient option for creating temporary driveways in mucky areas.

Especially popular with power companies and tree services, these mats can accommodate bucket trucks, heavy equipment trailers, digger derricks, directional drill water trucks, and more.

Equipped with convenient handles, the heavy equipment mats can be dragged relatively easily by one person and offer amazing grip for those situations when the mats are buried or stuck in the mud. When you’re done, these mats are easily cleaned with a pressure washer.

Use these mats for construction areas, to protect lawn, to protect pavement or concrete or to create temporary roads or driveways and to gain access with traction in soft, muddy or swampy areas.

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