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Gymnastics Training Tips With Northwood Gymnastics

By Greatmats Staff Created: March, 2023 - Modified: May, 2023

Greatmats visited Northwoods Gymnastics in Webster, Wisconsin and met the wonderful husband and wife team who are both gymnastics coaches. Coach Mary and Coach Brian work together on instructing and preparing their students for competitive events throughout the state.

Northwoods Gymnastics currently offers 5 different levels of classes, starting at age 2-3 and has a competitive team program.

They recently attended the Midwest Amateur Gymnastics Association (MAGA) State Tournament 2023 and took 2nd place!

Coach Mary and Brian have shared some gymnastics training tips with us featuring a few of their talented students.

1. How to do a Back Tuck with Coach Mary

2. Balance Beam Progressions with Coach Mary

3. How to do a Handstand with Coach Mary

4. How to do a Tuck Full with Coach Mary

5. How to do a Backwards Roll with Coach Brian

6. How to do a Cartwheel for Beginners with Coach Brian

Mary & Brian Peterson
Northwoods Gymnastics
Webster WI