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Custom Wall Pad Branding: Gym Wall Panels

By Greatmats Staff Created: September, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

Wall pads are a standard part of any gym, and they’re essential for athlete safety. But solid colored wall pads can get a bit boring.

That’s why at Greatmats, we offer you the opportunity to put your sports graphics on wall pads. With a customized, professional look, you’ll enhance your gymnasium and put your gym pads to work in multiple ways.

How to Get Sports Graphics on Wall Pads

At Greatmats, we can emblazon your logo, team name, mascot, or any other image you can dream up across your gym wall pads. Bold and colorful, they will brighten your walls and fill your gymnasium with school spirit.

Our 16 oz. gym mats are available in 14 common school colors and they look fantastic. Additional colors are also available at your request.

Gymnasium wall pads are available in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and sizes so you can be sure you'll find exactly what you're looking for. These wall pads are perfect for walls behind basketball hoops, in wrestling rooms, and on the walls of any facility where you want to show off your school spirit.

Digital printing is also available so you can get the highest quality graphics available on your gym pads.

Potential Customization Ideas for Gym Wall Pads

If you’re thinking of putting sports graphics on wall pads, consider the different following options:
  • Feature your school’s mascot
  • Include school logos and branding
  • Show school spirit by featuring team names and logos
  • Include your sports clubs names and logos
  • Highlight star athletes with a “Wall of Fame”
  • Create a tribute to your top donors

The Benefits of Sports Graphics on Wall Pads

By customizing your gym wall pads, you’ll be getting increased value out of every pad you purchase. These wall pads will add valuable safety to your gym, helping to prevent and reduce injuries in case an athlete collides with a wall.

But when you customize your wall pads, they do more than that.

Customized gym wall pads create a personalized and professional appearance. They can dress up and revitalize an old space, and they make your facility look cutting-edge.

These customized pads can also build excitement around your brand, business, or organization and school. They create a cohesive look for your gym, and they can build loyalty and camaraderie among your athletes.

This is particularly helpful when you’re building a new commercial gym or other sports operation. Demonstrating your professionalism with branded padding can help you to justify your costs, build public trust in your operation, and drive athlete support and excitement.

Don’t forget that these panels will also be photographed during events, and they create an ideal backdrop for victory and team photos. If the media covers your competitions and events, those published photos provide excellent free publicity, framing your gym as a professional operation.

How to Order Your Sports Graphics on Wall Pads

With Greatmats, it’s easy to order your sports graphics on wall pads. Contact our customer service team today and we’ll happily walk you through the process.

Our product experts can also help you to choose other products that are ideal for your gym, so your maintenance crew can install all of the products at the same time.

Are these pads durable and made with quality materials?

Yes, our customized gym wall pads are highly durable. We customize our 16-ounce gym mats, which feature a top-quality polyethylene foam core that’s wrapped in vinyl for increased strength and durability.

What about padding for posts and columns?

Wall pads are just one part of protecting your athletes and creating a safer gym. In addition to these pads, Greatmats offers custom sized pads to address your other gym needs.

Customized post and column pads make it easy to protect your athletes from collisions with these dangerous obstacles. These pads feature hook and loop closures that make for an incredibly easy installation process.

We also offer gym wall pads with custom cutouts. These pads are an ideal solution when you’re working with walls that feature need access points such as to outlets and light switches.

Each of these wall pads can be custom cut to your dimensions and specifications. The result is a polished, finished pad that will fit around the obstacles in your wall.

You can order these pads for all of the surfaces in your gym, including doors with windows and walls with different dimensions. These pads can make it easy to cover all of the important surfaces, no matter what obstacles you face.

How do you install these customized gym pads?

You can easily install your new customized gym wall pads. Some pads have a one-inch lip at their top and bottom. This allows a direct screw-on connection to a wall. You can also connect a furring strip to your wall and then attach the strip to the pad. These pads are also available with Z-clips.