Wood Grain Foam Tiles Features and Benefits Video

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. The 2x2 feet EVA foam tiles provide cushion and a designer wood grain look. To extend the life of this tile use with soft shoes or socks.

The foam tiles insulate against cold, hard and noisy concrete floors and provide a comfortable and warm space with sound buffering benefits.

Trade show flooring doesn't get any easier or more comfortable than this.

The interlocking tiles are as easy to install as pushing puzzle pieces together, and the thick foam provides excellent anti-fatigue benefits for people who must stand for long periods of time.

Wood Grain Foam tiles are non absorbent, feature a 1 year warranty, and ship via ground or freight delivery.

If you're looking for faux wood flooring that gives you that classy look at an affordable price and much more cushion that traditional wood floors, this is it. The ethylene-vinyl acetate wood look flooring is waterproof and like laminate flooring simulates wood through a photographic surface layer that gives you multiple style options of different wood types.
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