Roll Out Mats For Martial Arts - Home and Pro

By Greatmats Staff Created: July, 2017 - Modified: July, 2021

When you’re practicing martial arts at home or at a school or professional gym, the flooring surface that you have available probably isn’t ideal. Sports like BJJ, Jiu Jitsu, Judo, and Karate all require repetitive motions and training to help athletes develop skills and advance. In the case of takedowns and pins during grappling or wrestling, coming into contact with that floor can be painful and can even lead to injuries. A foam roll out mat can solve that problem.

Reasons to Use a Foam Roll Out Mat

Foam roll out mats are an easy and affordable way to make nearly any flooring surface more suitable for martial arts training. These mats can be laid directly on top of concrete, wood, and other hard, flat surfaces. The mats also effectively grip carpeting, so you can install them in many potential areas.

Roll out mats feature a vinyl top foam-bonded design. Their durable vinyl surface is placed over cross-linked polyethylene foam, maximizing cushion and shock absorption while still being strong enough to withstand regular training use.

Roll out mats feature a convenient design that makes them ideal for temporary use. They roll up when you’re done training, so a single person can pick up a 5x10 foot mat and carry it away to store.

That rolled-up position makes them easy to store, so they take up minimal floor space. There’s no need to install specialized storage racks, which keeps the cost of these mats down and makes them particularly ideal for home settings.

With these mats, you can increase the versatility of nearly any space. Add them to your school gym for martial arts practice sessions, or buy a few for your dojo or studio, so you can add extra cushion to a floor when you’re training takedowns and submission techniques. When you’re done training, you can roll up the mats in just minutes, leaving the area free for other uses that require a harder floor.

Made in the USA, Greatmats roll out mats are backed by a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. You can buy and use them with confidence.

How Roll Out Mats Help Athletes

When training in martial arts, athletes jump and land repeatedly. This can be hard on the joints, and can result in knee and ankle pain. A proper mat offers just the right amount of cushion to soften these impacts, helping to prevent joint pain.

These mats also offer valuable safety benefits during takedowns and falls. They’re much more forgiving than a hard flooring surface, and the extra cushion can help to prevent bumps and bruises as well as more significant injuries.

By training on the optimal surface that a foam roll out mat provides, athletes enjoy increased comfort. This helps them to train more regularly and for longer during each session. It can also help to prevent injuries, allowing them to train and compete more reliably.

Roll Out Mat Customization Options

These roll out mats come in several different colors, so you can choose the option that reflects your branding or your school colors.

You can order these mats in custom lengths, so you can get a precise fit within the space you have available. Alternatively, you can tape multiple mats together for greater coverage options.

Cleaning Your Roll Out Mats

Martial arts mat rolls are designed with easy cleaning in mind. You can sweep the mat with a broom to remove debris, and can use a damp mop with a common household floor cleaner. These mats will absorb liquids slightly if soaked, so use minimal water and cleaning products.

How much does a foam roll out mat weigh?

The weight of a foam roll out mat will vary, depending on the mat’s dimensions and thickness. Our 5 x 10 x 1.25-inch roll out mat weighs 22 pounds, making it easy for a single person to carry, transport, and store the mat.

Even our larger mats are easily manageable for two people, making them ideal for home and professional settings where you’ll only use them temporarily.

How big are foam roll out mats?

Our home roll out mats come in a 5x10 foot and 10x10 foot sizes. These mats measure 1.25 inches thick. Alternatively, you can buy the mats by the square foot, so you can choose the custom length that works best for your martial arts studio or your home.

Are roll out martial arts mats soft?

Roll out martial arts mats are softer than traditional gym flooring, but they’re not so soft that you sink down into them as you walk on them. These high-density mats feature a tractioned surface perfect for taekwondo and karate.

During takedowns and throws, the mats help to cushion athletes and absorb some of the shock of each impact. The result is a safer flooring that helps to prevent serious injuries and that allows athletes to practice more comfortably and for longer.

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